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Tony Shuker, president Life Sciences Division of NuTec Sciences
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Founded in 1995, NuTec Life Sciences is an informatics solutions company focused on solving scientific problems for health care, pharmaceutical and biotechnology researchers. NuTec operates a massively parallel supercomputing center for the life sciences. Its GenesysSI technology is an informatics management tool with integrated genetic array and SNP analysis capability. The technology integrates genotype information with clinical data and offers a comprehensive view of the data for analysis and prediction.

Data Foundry is a data warehouse and integration software for scientific data management that allows researchers to share data in large-scale, distributed, heterogeneous databases. It is currently used in functional genomics, and is being expanded into the clinical data arena. Data Foundry is licensed from the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory Center for Applied Scientific Computing.

The company also produces: Gleams, a bioinformatics tool that allows researcher to perform multiple gene expression tools at one time; SNiPiT, a SNP search tool that allows BLAST searches and Internet searches of public databases; and SLIMS, a genomic research management tool allowing for the tracking of clones and plasmids.


Development of clustering algorithms for microarray analysis: Genomic Solutions.

To convert the zebrafish into target validation and screening models for human disease: Zygogen Inc.

To develop an integrated information system enabling doctors to tailor cancer therapies to a patient’s genetic makeup: Emory University.