Total: $430.8

Company (Symbol)#

Type Of Financing

Number Of Shares, Units Or Warrants (M)

Amount Raised (M)*

Investors; Placement Agents; Details (Date)@

Aastrom Biosciences Inc. (ASTM)

Private placement of common stock



Aastrom sold 2.81M shares of common stock to a single investor at $2.13 per share; the investor also received a warrant exercisable beginning 6/8/01 if the market price of Aastrom common stock is below $2.135; the warrant will immediately expire if the price of the company's common stock over the next year exceeds $4.27 per share or upon certain change-in-control events (6/12)

Access Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMEX: AKC)

Private placement of common stock



Access completed self-managed private placements of 0.758M shares for a total of $3.3M; the company earlier raised $12M in a private placement of 4.8M shares led by Oracle Partners (6/7)

Amarin Corp. plc (UK; AMRN)

Private placement of ordinary shares



Amarin placed 38.3M shares at $0.30 through Sanders Morris Harris, Corporate Opportunities Fund (an SMH affiliate) and EGS Private Healthcare Partnership LP (6/26)

Aquasearch Inc. (OTC BB: AQSE)

Equity line



Aquasearch secured a $10M equity line from Alpha Venture Capital Inc. (6/19)

Ariad Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ARIA)

Private placement of common stock under a shelf registration



Ariad sold 0.68M shares of common stock at $11.75 per share to Acqua Wellington North American Equities Fund Ltd., which agreed to buy up to $75M of Ariad's stock over the next 18 months under a shelf registration filed 6/6/00; the shares may be sold, at Ariad's discretion, at a small discount to market at the time of sale; Lehman Brothers acted as financial adviser to Ariad for both transactions (6/28)

Aviron (AVIR)

Private placement of common stock under a shelf registration



Aviron sold 0.34M shares to Acqua Wellington Asset Management LLC for an agregate price of $8M, or $23.53 per share; Acqua also increased its financing commitment to Aviron from $48M to $84M (6/12)

BioChem Pharma Inc. (Canada; BCHE)

Sale of stake in another company


C$210 (US$141.4)

BioChem sold Baxter International Inc. (NYSE:BAX) its stake in North American Vaccine (including shares, debenture, line of credit and related interest and premium) for C$210M (US$141.4M), consisting of 1.3M shares of Baxter and C$86M (US$57.9M) (6/27)

Biotech Holdings (Canada; OTC BB: BIOHF)

Private placement of common stock and warrants

3S, 3W

C$2.04 (US$1.37)

Biotech Holdings placed 3M common shares at C$0.68 (US$0.46) per share, with 3M common-share purchase warrants at C$0.85 (US$0.59) per share exercisable for 18 months; this transaction would replace private placement of $1.76M announced 4/17; Biotech Holdings has also applied for 2.6M convertible preferred share purchase warrants at C$0.85 (US$0.59) per share to be granted to four companies that have loaned Biotech Holdings a total of $2.2M; warrants would be granted for extensions of loan repayment (6/2)

Boston Life Sciences Inc. (BLSI)

Private placement of common stock



Boston Life executed a direct private placement of $10M in common stock with the Pictet Global Sector Fund-Biotech (6/2)

Connetics Corp. (CNCT)

Private placement of common stock



Connetics sold 2M shares at $10 each to existing and new investors (6/21)

EntreMed Inc. (ENMD)

Exercise of warrants



Warrant holders exercised options under 7/99 financing and purchased 0.43M shares for a total of $11M (6/6)

EntreMed Inc. (ENMD)

Sale of shares under shelf registration



EntreMed priced an offering under a shelf registration filed 1/00 at $22 per share, raising $22M ($20.6M net); the offering was underwritten by Banc of America Securities LLC (6/14)

Genset SA (France; GENXY)

Private placement of convertible bonds


EUR55.6 (US$52.9)

Genset raised EUR49M (US$46.7M) through an offering of bonds (6/7), plus additional funding through the exercise of the overallotment option (6/27); the annual gross yield to maturity is 4.5%; the nominal price per bond, E94 (US$0.88), was set at a 17.5% premium to Genset's share price at the time of the pricing; the bonds, which were issued at par, are exchangeable 1-for-1 for new or existing Genset shares; SG Cowen underwrote the offering (6/27)

Geron Corp. (GERN)

Private placement of convertible debentures



Geron sold $25M in zero-coupon debentures to an existing institutional investor; debentures are convertible into Geron common stock at $29.95 per share; the investor also received warrants to purchase up to 0.83M shares of Geron common stock at a premium to the conversion price (6/29)

Hemosol Inc. (Canada; TSE:HML)

Exercise of overallotment option in bought deal financing


C$3 (US$2.03)

Hemosol raised an additional C$3M (US$2.03M) through the exercise of overallotment option for 0.16M shares at $19 (US$12.86) per share under 4/00 financing (6/7)

IGT Pharma Inc. (Canada; VSE:IGT)

Private placement of special warrants


C$6 (US$4.06)

IGT sold 5M special warrants at C$1.25 (US$0.85) for proceeds of C$6M (US$4.06M); Dominick and Dominick Securities Inc. served as lead underwriters (6/5)

ImmuLogic Pharmaceutical Corp. (OTC BB: IMUL)

Sale of shares in another company



ImmuLogic converted 0.433M American depositary shares of Cantab Pharmaceuticals plc (LSE:CTB) into 1.3M ordinary shares, sold on the open market for about $7.215M; ImmuLogic sold an additional 0.07M ADSs to a private buyer in the U.S. (6/12)

Inflazyme Pharmaceuticals Ltd (Canada; TSE:IZP)

Private placement of common stock


C$12 (US$8.12)

Inflazyme closed an unbrokered private placement with International Biotechnology Trust plc, a fund managed by Rothschild Asset Management (UK); IBT purchased 3.88M shares at C$3.09 (US$2.09) each for net proceeds of C$12M (US$8.12M) (6/5)

International Isotopes Inc. (INIS)

Private placement of convertible preferred stock



International Isotopes raised $10M through issuance of non-voting, redeemable, convertible preferred common stock; stock has a 7% coupon and includes warrants for 2.5M shares of common stock (6/20)

Ligand Pharmaceuticals Inc. (LGND)

Exercise of warrants to buy common stock



Approximately 98% of 1.1M outstanding warrants were exercised at $7.12 per share of common stock; warrants were issued in conjunction with a 1995 public offering (6/7)

Neurogen Corp. (NRGN)

Private placement of common stock



Neurogen sold 1.638M shares of common stock at $25 per share, raising $41M; Pacific Growth Equities acted as placement agent (6/28)

Paracelsian Inc. (PRLN)

Conversion of debt to equity



BioSignia Inc. agreed to convert $0.5M worth of debt into additional equity of Paracelsian; at $0.5312 per share (the closing price on the date of the announcement), the deal would cover 0.94M shares (6/20)

Senesco Technologies Inc. (OTC BB: SENO)

Private placement of common stock



Senesco raised $2.2M in a private placement led by Fahnestock & Co. Inc., which purchased 1.47M shares at $1.50 each (6/15)

StressGen Biotechnologies

Exercise of warrants


C$5.75 (US$3.9)

StressGen received C$5.75M (US$3.9M) from the exercise of warrants for 1.74M common shares at C$3.30 (US$2.47) (6/13)

Techniclone (TCLN)

Equity line Corp.



Techniclone signed an amendment to 6/98 equity line agreement allowing the company to draw up to $2.8M per month subject to minimum share prices; at a price of $4 per share, the company could draw up to $27M (6/7)


# Unless otherwise indicated, shares are traded on the Nasdaq exchange.

* Non-U.S. currencies converted at the exchange rate on the date of the announcement.

@ Dates refer to the date of the press release.

ASX = Australian Stock Exchange

LSE = London Stock Exchange

TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange

VSE = Vancouver Stock Exchange

OTC BB = Over The Counter Bulletin Board

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