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Terms/Details (Date)

Abgenix Inc.

BASF Bioresearch Corp. (unit of BASF AG:Germany)

Research collaboration; BASF will utilize Abgenix's Xenomouse technology to develop fully human antibodies to an undisclosed antigen target


Abgenix receives up-front payment and could receive additional fees and milestones, plus royalties on future product sales (3/99)

Japan Tobacco Inc.

Clinical trial support related to marketing agreement for ABX-IL8, a fully human antibody generated by Abgenix using its XenoMouse technology


Japan Tobacco will support Abgenix's clinical trials and will be able to use the data to support regulatory filings in its marketing areas in Japan,Taiwan and Korea (6/99)

Aclara BioSciences Inc and PE BioSystems (unit of PE Corp.; NYSE:PEB)

R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Research Institute (PRI; subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson;NYSE:JNJ)

PRI signed on as first Technology Access Partner for a program to develop an ultra-high-throughput screening platform using microfluidic devices; project combines Aclara's expertise in microfluidics and PE's in electrophoresis and systems engineering


PRI gains early access to advanced prototypes; further terms ND (5/99)

Affymetrix Inc.

SmithKline Beecham plc (U.K.;NYSE:SBH)

Licensing agreement allowing SKB to make and use mechanically fabricated nucleic acid arrays for gene expression monitoring experiments conducted as part of internal research efforts


SKB will pay annual usage fee linked to the number of array-based experiments performed at its sites worldwide (4/99)

SmithKline Beecham plc (SKB; U.K.;NYSE:SBH)

EasyAccess Silver agreement, giving SKB preferential access to standard and custom GeneChip arrays, instrumentation and software to monitor gene expression for use in R&D


EasyAccess is a volume pricing arrangement designed for large organizations (4/99)

AltaRex Corp. (Canada)

Purdue Pharma LP*

Option agreement giving Purdue opportunity to license OvaRex MAb and BrevaRex MAb, both of which are anticancer immunotherapeutic monoclonal antibody products

$103.4M ($ 3.4M equity)

If the option is exercised, Purdue could pay in excess of $100M over 3 years in R&D support and milestone payments; AltaRex would also receive royalties on sales; Purdue also purchased $3.4M in AltaRex equity (5/99)

Aurora Biosciences Corp.

Becton Dickinson and Co. (NYSE:BDX)

Research collaboration Becton Dickinson will use Aurora's GenomeScreen technology to identify genes useful as drug screening targets


Becton Dickinson will provide research support funds, and the parties will evaluate opportunities for future commercialization (3/99)

Axonyx Inc. (OTC BB:AXYX)

Ares Serono (Switzerland)

R&D collaboration centered on Axonyx's peptide technology with potential to treat neurodegenerative diseases; Claudio Soto will join the Serono Pharmaceutical Research Institute in Geneva to conduct preclinical development and trials of patented peptides he originally identified


Ares Serono gains exclusive rights to any drug candidates that emerge from the program; Axonyx receives an initial payment of $0.25M and could receive up to $22.5M, plus royalties, if Ares Serono opts for a structured licensing agreement after the 1st or 2nd year of the collaboration; Ares Serono will pay both direct and indirect costs of development work at its Geneva facility (5/99)

Celera Genomics (joint venture of Perkin Elmer Corp. [NYSE:PKN] and The Institute of Genomic Research)

Novartis AG (Switzerland)

Database subscription and access agreement; Novartis receives subscription to 3 databases being developed by Celera - the Human Gene Index, the Drosophila Genome Database and the Human Gene Genome Database; Novartis also gains access to associated bioinformatics tools


Novartis will retain all rights to any discoveries it makes using the databases, and will provide input into development of Celera's products; agreement is for 5 years (4/99)

CeNeS Ltd.* (U.K.)

Glaxo Wellcome plc (NYSE:GLX)

Development and commercialization collaboration on Glaxo's sipatrigine, a potential stroke treatment that has passed Phase II trials

ND (equity component ND)

CeNeS will acquire, for a license fee and milestone payment, an exclusive license for the drug; CeNeS will fund and be responsible for future development; however, Glaxo retains an option to commercialize the product once Phase III trials are complete; if Glaxo waives the option, CeNeS may commercialize or sublicense; Glaxo will purchase CeNeS equity as part of the deal (4/99)

Centocor Inc.

El Lilly and Co. (NYSE:LLY)

Partnership to create Acute Coronary Syndromes registry, a registry and database to follow patients with acute coronary syndrome from symptom onset through outcome; goal is to define optimal treatment strategies; PharmedicaResearch Inc. will manage the registry


ND (6/99)

Cerep SA (France; Nouveau Marche:CEREP)

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)

Drug discovery research collaboration under which Pfizer will use Cerep's High Throughput Profiling and High Throughput Lead Development technologies for lead and preclinical optimization purposes, respectively


Agreement is for 3 years; further details ND (5/99)

ChemRx (subsidiary of Discovery Partners International*)

DuPont Pharmaceuticals Co. (unit of Dupont Co.; NYSE:DD)

Chemical libraries development agreement; ChemRx will develop multiple classes of compounds for DuPont's drug-discovery and lead-optimization programs


ChemRx will develop and produce compounds on a fee-for-service basis, and will provide the compounds to DuPont on an exclusive basis with no milestone or royalty obligations (6/99)

Columbus Molecular Software Inc.*

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)

Research collaboration centering on development and use of LeadScope, Columbus Molecular's chemistry-based decision support system to identify drug candidates


Pfizer will provide data, product development guidance and initial funding; Columbus Molecular will license to Pfizer its software and computational models for use with Pfizer's compound libraries (6/99)

Corixa Corp.

Zambon Group spa (Italy)

Research collaboration and license agreement to support Corixa's development of lung cancer vaccines

$21.5M (equity purchase of $ 2M)

Zambon gains exclusive rights to vaccine products aimed at treating lung cancer in Europe, the countries of the former Soviet Union, Argentina, Brazil and Colombia, as well as co-exclusive rights in China; Corixa may receive more than $21.5M in license fees, research funding and milestone payments; total includes $2M purchase of Corixa common stock at a premium to the market (5/99)

Japan Tobacco Inc. (Japan)

Research collaboration and license agreement to support Corixa's development of therapeutic lung cancer vaccines


Japan Tobacco gains exclusive rights in Japan and North America as well as co-exclusive rights with Zambon Group spa (see previous entry) in China; Corixa may receive over $40M in license fees, research funding and milestone payments, plus royalties; a “significant percentage“ of potential payments is guaranteed (6/99)

Celtrix Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Elan Corp. plc (Ireland)

Establishment of a joint venture to develop Celtrix's SomatoKine (recombinant insulin-like growth factor-1 and its major binding protein) for osteoporosis

$15.3M (entire amount is equity investment)

Elan will buy $12.9M in preferred Celtrix stock at $2.06 per share, a significant premium, and will own 19.9% of the joint venture; Elan may convert the preferred stock to Celtrix common stock or exchange a portion for a larger share of the venture; Elan separately purchased $2.5M worth of Celtrix stock at an undisclosed premium (4/99)

CuraGen Corp.

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)

Target discovery and pharmacogenomics collaboration; Roche will use CuraGen technology to evaluate product candidates, discover drug targets and facilitate development of drugs and diagnotics; CuraGen will provide Roche research centers with access to its gene expression and gene sequence databases through CuraGen's internet-based platform; deal includes use of CuraGen's GeneCalling and SeqCalling technologies for identification of genes and generation of coding sequences within expressed genes


Agreement includes up-front funding and potential milestones and royalties; agreement is for two years and is renewable (3/99)

Dendreon Corp.*

Kirin Brewery Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Research and license agreement for development of dendritic cell cancer therapies; Kirin will support Dendreon's research on dendritic cells, with a focus on developing immunotherapies for cancers most prevalent in Asian markets


Kirin will provide research funding and gains rights to any resulting products in Asia and Oceania; companies will jointly market products in Europe, and Dendreon has U.S. rights (5/99)

Evotec Biosystems AG* (Germany)

Pfizer Inc. (NYSE:PFE)

Technology license and access agreement; Pfizergains access to Evotec's ultra-high performance screening technology (called EVOscreen) and a non-exclusive, worldwide license to use Evotec hardware and software

$17M ($1M equity investment)

Evotec will receive $16M, including a technology access fee and research payments; Pfizer will make a $1M equity investment in Evotec upon delivery of the 1st hardware system; agreement is for 3 years (6/99)

Genelabs Technologies Inc.

SmithKline Beecham plc (NYSE:SBH)

R&D collaboration to develop a system for regulating the expression of genes that are critical for survival or replication of certain bacteria; program will identify target sites in the DNA of bacterial genes that can be regulated by small-molecule, sequence-specific DNA-binding drugs


The program is being funded by a 1-year grant from the Defense Advanced ReSearch Projects Agency, and may lead to a broader drug discovery program (4/99)

GPC AG* (Germany)

Boehringer Ingelheim Austria GmbH

Research collaboration to discover oncology genetic targets and their expression profiles; GPC will use its ExpressCode platform to elucidate gene expression profiles and contribute functional information for potential Boehringer targets


ND (6/99)

Hoechst Marion Roussel Deutschland GmbH (Germany)

Research collaboration to discover new anti-fungal targets and their biochemical pathways; GPC will use its PathCode platform to construct protein-protein interaction maps and assign functions to fungal genes identified by Hoechst


ND (6/99)

IntroGene* (the Netherlands)

SyStemix Inc. (affiliate of Novartis AG; Switzerland)

Licensing agreement; SyStemix will license IntroGene's PER.C6 adenoviral packaging cell line for use in producing gene therapy vectors


Novartis will pay up-front fees, annual payments and royalties on sales of adenoviral gene therapy products arising from the agreement (5/99)

Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Elan Corp. plc (Ireland)

Binding letter of agreement to form a new subsidiary of Isis to develop a platform technology for the oral delivery of antisense drugs; the first project will be an oral formulation of Isis' anti-sense inhibitor of tumor necrosis factor-alpha

$27M (entire amount is equity investment)

Elan will make a $27M investment in Isis, consisting of $15M in common stock purchased at a premium to market and $12M of convertible exchangeable preferred stock; Elan also will receive warrants exercisable in 5 years; Elan has the right to convert the preferred stock into an ownership interest in either Isis or the new subsidiary (4/99)

Metabolic Modulators Research Ltd.* (Canada)

Chugai Biopharmaceuticals Inc. (subsidiary of Chugai Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd; Japan)

Drug-discovery collaboration and license agreement to develop, manufacture and market therapies for cardiovascular disease; research will center on metabolic modulators; MMR will carry out validation of targets, and Chugai will adapt the targets to its high-throughput screening system; MMR will then profile potential candidates in model systems


Chugai will fund target validation research at MMR and will pay a technology access fee, plus royalties on milestones; Chugai receives worldwide rights to cardiovascular ther-apies discovered in the collaboration, with the intention of developing and commercializing them; agreement is for 5 years (3/99)

Multiple Peptide Systems*

Elan Corp. plc (Ireland)

Establishment of joint venture for research, development and commercialization of oral and non-oral drug-delivery technologies; MPS will provide combinatorial chemistry capabilities, and Elan will license oral delivery technology to the venture

ND ($5M equity investment)

Joint venture will be a majority-owned subsidiary of MPS and will receive a license from Elan of proprietary oral drug-delivery technology in exchange for a license fee; in a separate transaction, Elan made a $5M equity investment in MPS (4/99)

NaviCyte Inc. (subsidiary of Trega Biosciences Inc.)

R.W. Johnson Pharmceutical Research Institute (PRI; subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson; NYSE:JNJ)

Use and development collaboration centering on NaviCyte's Pk-Informatics tools to identify new candidates for drug development from compound libraries


PRI will provide data and make initial and milestone payments over the course of further development of NaviCyte's In Vitro Determination for Evaluation of Absorption (IDEA) simulation software system and database; NaviCyte will license its software and computational models for use at R.W. Johnson with compound libraries (3/99)

Neurogen Corp.

Pfizer Inc.

License agreement covering Neurogen's Accelerated Intelligent Drug Discovery (AIDD) technology; Neurogen will install its integrated drug discovery system at Pfizer Central Research; system integrates combinatorial chemistry synthesis, high-throughput screening and informatics to generate drug discovery data in 2 weeks


Neurogen will receive $27M over 3 years for AIDD installations and enhancements; additional payments possible upon Pfizer's successful utilization of the technology;

NeXstar Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co. (Japan)

Research collaboration under which NeXstar will use its SELEX process to identify an aptamer as a therapeutic drug candidate to an undisclosed Fujisawa target


Fujisawa has an exclusive option period, upon delivery of the aptamer, to conduct preclinical testing; if the option is exercised, the parties will sign a development license, providing Fujisawa worldwide rights to develop and commercialize the aptamer; NeXstar would receive license fees, milestones and royalties (4/99)

Orchid Biocomputer Inc.*

Beckman Coulter Inc. (NYSE:BEC)

Collaboration to combine the companies' technologies to develop a core platform for Orchid's new SNPstream system for genotyping single nucleotide polymorphisms, slated for a fall 1999 launch


ND (3/99)

Pentose Pharmaceuticals Inc.*

Cangene Corp. (Canada)

Development, manufacturing and license agreement; companies will perform collaborative research to assess and develop the use of Pentose's Inactine (which targets viruses in blood products) with Cangene's hyperimmune products


Cangene receives a non-exclusive worldwide license to use Inactine in plasma-derived therapeutic proteins; Pentose receives an up-front licensing fee and also will receive milestone payments and royalties (4/99)

Physiome Sciences Inc.*

PA Consulting Group*

Joint project to create in silico human body systems by designing and building a computer model of immune systems; goal is to build a “virtual human body“ for use in pharmaceutical and biomedical research; Physiome will acquire Organ Systems Modelling, a PA subsidiary, which holds exclusive license to PA health care software

$10M ($5M equity)

Physiome will receive $10M over 18 months, half in research support and half in equity; under certain unspecified conditions, PA will invest an additional $5M in Physiome (5/99)

PPL Therapeutics plc (U.K.)

Smith & Nephew plc (U.K.)

R&D collaboration covering PPL's recombinant fibrin sealant wound care product; the companies will jointly develop a range of orthopedics products using PPL's production technology


S&N will make a payment on signing the supply agreement for the supply of materials during the 1st phase of the collaboration, with further milestone payments possible, along with royalties (3/99)

Quark Biotech Inc.*

Fujisawa Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd. (Japan)

Gene discovery research collaboration; Quark will use its pathology-specific genomics and bioinformatics technology to work with Fujisawa on the discovery of genes for use as targets for the development of stroke therapeutics


Fujisawa will provide research funding and pay milestones and royalties; Fujisawa gains worldwide development, manufacturing and marketing rights on the resulting products; Quark has an option to co-market certain products in the U.S. and Europe (4/99)

Ribozyme Pharmaceuticals Inc.

Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE:LLY)

R&D collaboration on ribozymes for the treatment of hepatitis C infection


Ribozyme will receive $9.2M in 1999, which includes initial fees, research funding, funding for clinical trial materials and an equity investment; Ribozyme could eventually receive up to $38M, primarily from milestones, plus additional royalties; Lilly gains exclusive worldwide commercialization rights to products (3/99)

Rigel Inc.*

Novartis AG (Switzerland)

Research collaboration under which companies will work together on 5 different 5-year research projects to identify drug targets; initial project focuses on targets that regulate T cells; Novartis will decide on the others within 2 years

ND (equity component)

Rigel will receive up-front cash and equity investment, research funding and milestones, and potential royalties; equity investment consists of “significant immediate funding,“ but the majority is callable by Rigel up through an IPO (6/99)

Sangamo BioSciences Inc.*

F. Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. (Switzerland)

Research collaboration under which Sangamo will provide specific Universal GeneTools to Roche for evaluation in transgenic mouse systems; the GeneTools platform enables rational design and rapid generation of highly specific zinc finger DNA recognition proteins that can recognize and regulate any target gene or DNA sequence


ND (6/99)

Structural Bioinformatics Inc.*

DuPont Pharmaceuticals Co. (unit of DuPont Co.; NYSE:DD)

R&D collaboration for discovery and development of small-molecule leads in a family of signaling proteins and other targets; DuPont will assume responsibility for preclinical discovery and development of leads arising from the collaboration, as well as small-molecule leads previously identified by SBI


Multiyear agreement includes guaranteed and milestone payments with an overall value in excess of $100M if several successful products are developed; DuPont will pay for technology access and provide research support; DuPont has worldwide rights to all products arising from the program, and SBI will receive milestones and royalties from any drugs commercialized from these activities (5/99)

Scotia Holdings plc (U.K.)

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY)

R&D collaboration; Scotia will develop prototype formulations, using its Galactosome technology, for a number of Bristol-Myers molecules


Bristol-Myers will fund initial feasibility studies and has the option to develop any of the prototype formulations; at a later date, Bristol-Myers and Scotia may enter development and licensing agreements, providing for milestones and royalties (4/99)

Sibia Neurosciences Inc.

American Home Products Corp. (NYSE:AHP)

Licensing agreement for Sibia's transcription-based assay patent portfolio; technology uses transcription of a reporter gene to identify compounds that modulate cell activity


Sibia will receive annual maintenance payments and potential royalties; AHP's license is non-exclusive (6/99)

Bristol-Myers Squibb Co. (NYSE:BMY)

Licensing agreement for Sibia's transcription-based assay patent portfolio; technology uses transcription of a reporter gene to identify compounds that modulate cell activity


Sibia will receive annual maintenance payments and potential royalties; Bristol-Myers' license is non-exclusive (3/99)

SmithKline Beecham plc (U.K.; NYSE:SBH)

Licensing agreement for Sibia's transcription-based assay patent portfolio; technology uses transcription of a reporter gene to identify compounds that modulate cell activity


Sibia will receive annual maintenance payments and potential royalties; Smith-Kline's license is nonexclusive (3/99)

Synergy Vaccines Inc.*

Becton Dickinson Technologies (NYSE:BEC)

R&D collaboration using SynerVax, Synergy's vaccine adjuvant technology, to develop a vaccine


Becton will fund development and has an option agreement to license the vaccine in Asia and Africa (3/99)

Telik Inc.*

Sankyo Co. Ltd. (Japan)

R&D collaboration; Telik will use its TRAP chemoinformatics drug-discovery technology to screen its small-molecule library against up to 10 Sankyo targets


Telik will receive up-front payments; Sankyo will have the option to acquire an exclusive worldwide license to develop and commercialize any or all of the identified molecules (4/99)

TerraGen Discovery Inc.* (Canada)

Schering-Plough Research Institute (unit of Schering-Plough Corp.; NYSE: SGP)

Parties agreed to a 2nd collaboration, to discover antiinfective compounds; TerraGen will apply its lead discovery capabilities to identify small-molecule lead compounds from its NatChem library of microbial xtracts


TerraGen will receive research funding, milestones and potential royalties (6/99)

Triangle Pharmaceuticals Inc. and Emory

Glaxo Wellcome Inc. and Glaxo Group Ltd. (units of Glaxo Wellcome plc; NYSE: GLX)

Glaxo granted worldwide, exclusive license to Triangle and Emory, giving them access to development and clinical data, drug substance and patent property associated with Coviracil, an antiviral nucleoside analogue active against HIV and hepatitis B virus; agreement resolves legal disputes related to the product, which Emory first licensed to Glaxo, then to Triangle


ND (5/99)

Versicor Inc.*

Novartis AG (Switzerland)

Research collaboration to discover new antibacterials that inhibit deformylase and the Mur pathway using Versicor's assays

$38M (equity component ND)

Three-year deal includes up-front payment, plus equity, research funding, milestones and royalties; Versicor has co-promotion rights for the North American hospital sector (3/99)

Pharmacia & Upjohn (NYSE:PNU)

Research collaboration to discover new oxazolidinones, a new class of antibacterials; program will use Versicor's infectious disease-oriented biology and combinatorial chemistry technology platforms


Versicor will receive upfront cash, equity payments and research funding over the course of 2 to 3 years; the deal also includes additional equity and potential milestones and royalties (4/99)

Versicor Inc.

Eli Lilly and Co. (NYSE:LLY)

Licensing agreement under which Versicor gains rights to LY303366, a semi-synthetic antifungal derivative of echinocandin B


Lilly will receive a signing fee, milestones and royalties; Lilly also retains option to develop oral formulation; in exchange, Versicor will receive exclusive worldwide commercialization rights and will be responsible for development and clinical registration work (6/99)

Xenometrix Inc. (OTC BB: XENO)

Motorola Inc. (NYSE:MOT)

Licensing agreement granting Motorola access to Xenometrix's patent claims for collecting gene expression profiles utilizing all platforms, including microarrays


Non-exclusive license; further details ND (4/99)

#This chart contains information on new agreements, covering the time between 3/24/99 and 6/30/99. It does not include arrangements that are classified strictly as production, manufacturing, marketing and/or distribution and supply agreements; a chart covering these arrangements will appear in the 7/26/99 issue of BioWorld Financial Watch. The chart above also does not include any collaborations that involve agricultural product development (which are covered periodically in this publication). A chart covering modified agreements and terminated agreements between big pharma and biotech companies for the same time period (3/24/99-6/30/99) will also appear in the 7/26/99 issue of BioWorld Financial Watch.

LSE = London Stock Exchange;

ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found on pp. 14-15.