LONDON ¿ PPL Therapeutics plc, of Edinburgh, Scotland, has signed a collaboration with Smith and Nephew plc for fibrin sealants, used to stop bleeding in surgery and after trauma. The two will work together to develop a range of products in the areas of orthopedics and wound repair, using compounds produced by PPL.

PPL has been working on the development of recombinant fibrinogen for a number of years and can produce large quantities of fibrinogen and the two other protein components of fibrin sealant under Good Manufacturing Practices conditions for preclinical and clinical testing.

Detailed commercial terms were not disclosed, but include an up-front payment to PPL for the supply of materials, followed by development milestones and royalties. Smith and Nephew has identified the lead indications, and expects the first to enter clinical trials in 2001. ¿ Nuala Moran