Company**ProductDescriptionIndicationStatus (Date)
Aronex AtragenLiposomal formulation ofHormone-refractoryInitiated Phase II trial (11/30)
Pharmaceuticalsall-trans retinoic acid;prostate cancer
Inc.induces tumor cells to
differentiate into mature
normal cells (injection)
Biomira Inc.TheratopeSynthetic, carbohydrate-Metastatic breast cancerAnnounced results of bridging
(Canada) andvaccinebased vaccine (mimic offollowing chemotherapystudy with improved formula-
Chiron Corp.cancer antigen sialyl-Tntion of drug (11/12); initiated in-
plus carrier molecule KLH)ternational Phase III trial (11/30)
Cell Genesys GVAXCancer vaccine; 2nd-gen-Prostate cancerPresented results of Phase I/II
Inc.eration product that istrial at IBC International
non-patient-specific (allo-Symposium on Prostate Can-
geneic); consists ofcer (11/20)
irradiated, genetically
modified prostate cancer
cells that secrete granulo-
cyte macrophage-colony
stimulating factor; intra-
dermal injection
Cell TherapeuticsCT-2584Small-molecule anti-Patients with advancedInitiated open-label Phase II
Inc.angiogenic drug thatprostate cancer who havetrial (11/23)
affects tumor-cell phos-failed chemotherapy and
pholipids (intravenous)hormone treatments
Enzon Inc. andPEG-Long-acting dosage formChronic myelogenousSchering-Plough initiated
Schering-Plough Intron Aof Intron A (recombinant in-leukemiaPhase III trials (11/20)
Corp. (NYSE:SGP)terferon alfa-2b) conjugated
to polyethylene glycol
Human GenomeMPIFHuman myeloid pro-Protection of hematopoieticInitiated Phase II trial (11/18)
Sciences Inc.genitor inhibitory factorprogenitor cells in bone
(genomics-derived; mem-marrow from toxic effects
ber of chemokine/inter-of chemotherapy in breast
leukin family)and ovarian cancer
Inex Onco TCSAnticancer drug; activeAdvanced-stage non-Announced results of Phase II
Pharmaceuticals ingredient is vincristine;Hodgkin's lymphomatrial (11/5)
Corp. (TSE:IEX; based on Transmembrane(2nd-line therapy)
Canada)Carrier Systems for drug
delivery at disease site
IntraBiotics Phar-ProtegrinSynthetic analogue ofOral mucositis in cancerInitiated international Phase
maceuticals Inc.* IB-367protegrin family ofpatients receiving myelo-II trial (11/12)
and Pharmacia mammalian antimicro-ablative chemotherapy
& Upjohn Inc. bial peptides
Ligand TargretinBexarotene; syntheticMetastatic breast cancerInitiated open-label Phase II
Pharmaceuticals Capsulesretinoid analogue that(2nd-line therapy)trial (11/23)
Inc.selectively activates
retinoid X receptors;
oral formulation
The Liposome EvacetLiposomal formulationMetastatic breast cancerPresented results from three
Co. Inc.(formerlyof chemotherapeutic drug(1st-line therapy)Phase III trials (conducted in
TLC D-99)doxorubicinU.S. and Europe) at the Euro-
pean Society of Medical
Oncology meeting in Athens
Neurocrine NBI-3001Interleukin-4 (IL-4) fusionRecurrent malignant Presented results of Phase I
Biosciences Inc.toxin that binds with highglioma (brain tumor)trial at the Society for Neuro-
affinity to IL-4 receptorsOncology meeting in San
(infused directly into tumors)Francisco; also, initiated
Phase I/II trial in U.S. and
Germany (11/25)
Onyx ONYX-015Genetically engineeredRecurrent head and neckPresented interim results of
Pharmaceuticals adenovirus that repli-cancer (combination Phase II trial at 7th Interna-
Inc.cates in and kills tumortherapy with cisplatin tional Conference on Gene
cells deficient in p53and 5-FU)Therapy of Cancer (Gene
tumor suppressor geneTherapy conference) in San
productDiego (11/21)
OSI Pharma-CP-358,774Orally active small-mole-Various cancers (as mono-Pfizer completed Phase I trial
ceuticals Inc. cule inhibitor of epidermaltherapy or in combinationand initiated Phase II trial
and Pfizer Inc. growth factor receptor with chemotherapy)(11/6)
(NYSE:PFE)(EGFr) tyrosine kinase
OXiGENE Inc.Combre-Tumor vascular targetingVarious cancers (solidInitiated Phase I trial (11/11)
statin A-4 drug; destroys existingtumors)
Prodrugblood vessels in tumors
Ribozyme AngiozymeChemically synthesizedVarious cancersInitiated Phase I trial (11/4)
Pharmaceuticals ribozyme; specifically
Inc.inhibits formation of
vascular endothelial growth
factor receptor (VEGFr)
Schering-PloughrAd/p53Gene therapy; recombi-Various cancers includingPresented interim results of
Research Institutenant adenovirus encodingliver cancer (intrahepaticongoing Phase I trial at Gene
and Canji Inc. human p53 tumor administration) and ovarianTherapy conference (11/23)
(units of Schering-suppressor genecancer (intraperitoneal
Plough Corp.; administration)
Sugen Inc.SU 101Small-molecule signalHormone-refractoryAnnounced preliminary results
transduction inhibitor;prostate cancerof open-label Phase II trial
specifically inhibits (11/12)
platelet-derived growth
factor receptor signaling
Sugen Inc.SU 5416Small molecule angiogen-Advanced cancers Presented interim results of
esis inhibitor targeting the(various)ongoing Phase I trial at
Flk-1/KDR signalingBiological Principles for the
pathway (found in epithel-Therapy of Human Colon
ial cells of new blood Cancer meeting in San Diego
vessels) (intravenous)(11/7)
Vertex IncelBiricodar dicitrate; smallResensitization of drug-Initiated open-label Phase II
Pharmaceuticals (VX-710)molecule drug that blocksresistant tumors to chemo-trial (11/13)
Inc. 2 chemotherapy drug effluxtherapy; treatment of
pumps (MDR-1 and MRP)relapsed small cell lung
in chemotherapy-resistantcancer (combined with
tumor cellsdoxorubicin and vincristine)
Vertex Pharma-IncelBiricodar dicitrate; smallResensitization of drug-Presented preliminary results
ceuticals Inc. and(VX-710)molecule drug that blocksresistant tumors to chemo-of North American Phase I/II
BioChem Pharma2 chemotherapy drug effluxtherapy; treatment of softtrial at 4th annual meeting of
Inc. (Canada)pumps (MDR-1 and MRP)tissue sarcoma (combina-the Connective Tissue Oncol-
in chemotherapy-resistanttion therapy with doxo-ogy Society in Vancouver
tumor cellsrubicin)(11/13)
Vical Inc.Allovectin-7Gene encoding HLA-B7Advanced, unresectable Initiated Phase II trial; also
(human leukocyte antigen)squamous cell cancer ofpresented results of Phase
complexed with lipid andthe head and neckI/II trial at Mount Sinai Med-
administered by directical Center Chemotherapy
intratumoral injectionFoundation Symposium XVI
in New York (11/12)
LeuvectinGene encoding interleukin-Prostate cancer (admin-Presented results of Phase
2 (complexed with lipid)istered prior to surgery orI/II trial at Gene Therapy
administered by directbiopsy)conference (11/18)
intratumoral injection
Alexion 5G1.1-SCHumanized single-chainMyocardial infarctionInitiated Phase I trial (11/2)
Pharmaceuticals antibody designed to
Inc.intervene in complement
cascade (complement
Celtrix SomatoKineIGF-BP3 complex;Treatment of severe burnsPresented results of Phase II
Pharmaceuticals recombinant version ofin children, includingtrial (which were statistically
Inc.complex formed byimprovement in cardiacsignificant) at American Heart
insulin-like growthfunctionAssociation (AHA) annual
factor-1 and its majormeeting in Dallas (11/19)
binding protein
Centocor Inc.ReoProChimeric monoclonalCombination use with Presented results of 1-year
(FDA-antibody fragment tostents in patients withfollow-up of EPISTENT
approved)GPIIb/IIIa plateletischemic heart diseasetrial (U.S. and Canada) at the
receptor (abciximab)AHA meeting (11/9)
Chiron Corp.rFGF-2Recombinant fibroblastSevere coronary arteryInitiated Phase II trial (11/9)
growth factor-2disease
GenVec Inc.* andAdGVVEGFDirect injection of Treatment of cardiac Reported initial results of
the Parke-Davis121.10 (gene VEGF gene (vascularischemia as adjunct toPhase I trial at AHA meeting
Research division oftherapy)endothelial growth factor;coronary bypass surgery(11/10)
Warner-Lambert in adenoviral vector) into
Co. (NYSE:WLA)heart muscle during
cardiac bypass surgery;
to induce revasculari-
zation of heart tissue
Intercardia Inc.BextraBucindolol HCl; non-Moderate-to-severeData Safety and Monitoring
selective beta blockercongestive heart failureBoard reviewed interim data
with vasodilatingfrom North American Phase
propertiesIII trial and recommended
continuation of trial (11/11)
Scios Inc. andNatrecorNesiritide; human B-type Moderate-to-severePresented clinical data at
Bayer AG natriuretic peptide (BNP; congestive heart failureAHA meeting (11/10)
(Germany)naturally occurring hormone
produced in heart)
Texas TBC 11251Small-molecule drug;Moderate-to-severePresented results of Phase IIa
Biotechnology endothelin-A receptorcongestive heart failuretrial at AHA meeting (11/10)
Corp.antagonist (intravenous)
Gilatech Inc.GT 2331Selective histamine H3Treatment of centralInitiated Phase I trial (11/5)
receptor antagonistnervous system disorders
involving disturbances in
cognitive function or
arousal (attention deficit
hyperactive disorder,
Alzheimer's disease,
sleep disorders)
NeoTherapeuticsNeotrofinSmall molecule compoundMild-to-moderatePresented results of Phase I
Inc.(AIT-082)designed to cross blood-Alzheimer's diseasetrial at 28th annual meeting of
brain barrier and enhancethe Society for Neuroscience
nerve cell function byin Los Angeles (11/10)
increasing levels of
neurotrophic factors
Alteon Inc. andPimagedineCompound designed toTreatment of Type I Announced that compound
Genentech Inc.block abnormal glucose/diabetics with overtfailed to reach statistical sig-
protein complexes nephropathy (ACTION nificance in primary endpoint
(advanced glycosylationI trial)in North American Phase III
end-products) that leadtrial (11/16)
to diabetic complications
Generex Biotech-OralgenOral insulin (liquid;Types I and II diabetesFDA cleared protocol for
nology Corp. administered with meteredPhase II and III trials (11/24)
(OTC Bulletin Board:dose aerosol applicator)
GNBT; Canada)
Inhale Therapeu---Dry powder formulation ofTo improve glycemicPfizer initiated North Ameri-
tic Systems Inc. recombinant insulin, control in Types I and IIcan Phase III trials (11/10)
and Pfizer Inc. delivered via pulmonarydiabetes
(NYSE:PFE)delivery system
NeurobiologicalMemantineOrally administered Diabetic peripheralInitiated Phase IIb trial (11/2)
Technologies Inc.NMDA receptor antagonist neuropathy
(OTC Bulletin(prevents over-activation
Board:NTII)of the receptor)
Organogenesis ApligrafLiving human skinDiabetic foot ulcersCompleted patient enrollment
Inc.(FDA-equivalent, composed ofin pivotal trial (11/16)
approved)living human keratino-
cytes and fibroblasts
(epidermis and dermis,
isolated from infant
foreskins) cultured in
a 3-dimensional system
Vertex Pharma-VX-853Timcodar dimesylate; orallyDiabetic neuropathyInitiated Phase II trial (11/10)
ceuticals Inc. andactive small molecule that
Schering AG promotes neurite out-
(Germany)growth (neurophilin ligand)
Bristol-Myers LobucavirBroad-spectrum nucleo-Treatment of chronicInitiated international Phase
Squibb Co. side analogue (oral dosage)hepatitis B virus infection;III trials; presented results of
(NYSE:BMY)also herpes infectionsearly Phase II trial (in hepatitis
(oral, genital and zoster)B infection) at the American
Association for the Study of
Liver Diseases meeting
(AASLD) in Chicago (11/9)
Digene Corp.Hybrid DNA-based assay that Monitoring of patients Presented trial results at
Capture IIquantifies hepatitis B viruswith chronic HBV infect-AASLD meeting (11/11)
HBV DNA(HBV) viral loadion who are receiving anti-
Testviral therapy
Gilead Sciences --Adefovir dipivoxil; reverseChronic hepatitis B Presented results of 2 North
Inc.transcriptase inhibitor (oral)virus infectionAmerican Phase II trials at
AASLD meeting (11/8)
Gilead Sciences GS4104Neuraminidase inhibitorTreatment of viral influ-Reported clinical trial results
Inc. and F. Hoff-(oral formulation)enza (all strains)at Infectious Disease Society
mann-La Roche of America annual meeting in
Ltd. (Switzerland)Denver (11/15)
Planet CaroRxSecretory immunoglobulinPrevention of infection byInitiated Phase I/II trial (11/3)
Biotechnology A (SIgA) monoclonal anti-Streptococcus mutans (oral
Inc.*body produced in trans-bacterium that causes
genic tobacco plantstooth decay)
Ribozyme Gene Use of ribozymes tar-HIV infectionInitiated Phase II trial (11/24)
Pharmaceuticals therapygeted against HIV; retro-
Inc., Chiron Corp.,viral construct containing
City of Hope multiple ribozymes tar-
National Medical geting different sites in
Center and HIV is used to transduce
Children's Hos-CD34+ stem cells from
pital Los AngelesHIV-positive patient
ex vivo; cells then infused
back into patient as part of
bone marrow transplant
Schering-PloughRebetronCombination of Intron ACombination therapy forPresented results of two Phase
Corp. (NYSE:SGP)(FDA-(recombinant human inter-treating chronic hepatitis III trials at AASLD meeting
approved)feron alfa-2b; injection)C virus infection in patients(11/9)
and Rebetol (ribavirin;who have not received prior
synthetic nucleoside withalpha-interferon therapy
antiviral activity; oral)(treatment-naive)
Schering-PloughRebetronCombination of Intron ACombination therapy forResults of two Phase III trials
Corp. (NYSE:SGP)(FDA-(recombinant human inter-treating chronic hepatitis published in 11/19/98 issue of
approved)feron alfa-2b; injection)C virus infection in patientsThe New England Journal of
and Rebetol (ribavirin;who have not received priorMedicine (11/19)
synthetic nucleoside withalpha-interferon therapy
antiviral activity; oral)(treatment-naive) and in
patients who have relapsed
after alpha-interferon
therapy (relapse patients)
Triangle Phar-FTCNucleoside reverseHepatitis B virus Reported preliminary results
maceuticals Inc.transcriptase inhibitorinfectionfrom ongoing Phase I/II trial (11/13)
Trimeris Inc.T-20Antiviral fusion-HIV infectionResults of Phase I/II trial
inhibiting compound published in 11/98 issue of
(delivered by contin-Nature Medicine (11/3)
uous subcutaneous
infusion via pump)
Vertex Pharma-AgeneraseAmprenavir; 2nd-genera-Combination therapy withResults of pilot study present-
ceuticals Inc. andtion HIV protease inhibitor;a 2nd protease inhibitor fored at 4th International Con-
Glaxo Wellcome twice-daily dosageHIV infection in treatment-gress on Drug Therapy in HIV
plc (NYSE:GLX; U.K.)naive and treatment-Infection in Glasgow, Scotland
experienced patients(11/9)
ViroPharma Inc.PleconarilOral liquid formulation ofSevere meningococcemiaAnnounced results of 1st of 4
a small molecule inhibitor(viral meningitis) in Phase III trials; product did
of several RNA viruseschildrennot achieve statistical signifi-
(blocks replication)cance in primary endpoint (11/5)
Abgenix Inc.ABX-IL8Fully human mono-Moderate-to-severeInitiated Phase I/II trial (11/30)
clonal antibody that psoriasis
binds to interleukin-8
Alliance FloGelThermo-reversible Reduction of incidenceInitiated pilot trial (11/16)
Pharmaceutical surfactantof surgical adhesions in
Corp.female patients undergoing
laparoscopic surgery
LiquiVentPerflubron; oxygen-Acute lung injury andInitiated international Phase
carrying liquid that isacute respiratory distressIII trials (11/16)
used in partial liquidsyndrome
ventilation method
OxygentPerflubron-based To reduce need for donorInitiated international Phase
emulsion; intravascularblood transfusions in non-III trials (11/16)
oxygen carriercardiac surgery patients
Amarillo --Low-dose oral alphaDry mouth in Sjogren'sInitiated 1st of 2 Phase III
Biosciences Inc.interferonsyndrome patients (auto-trials (11/24)
immune disorder)
Boston LifeTherafectinSynthetic carbohydrate-Rheumatoid arthritisPresented results of Phase III
Sciences Inc.based drug (amprilose;trial at 62nd annual meeting
oral formulation)of the American College of
Rheumatology (ACR) in San
Diego (11/10)
Centocor Inc.RemicadeInfliximab; chimericAdvanced, severe Presented results of Phase III
(FDA-monoclonal antibody torheumatoid arthritistrial at ACR meeting (11/9)
approved)tumor necrosis factor-alpha(combination therapy with
Circe BiomedicalHepatAssistExtra-corporeal bio-To provide temporary Expanded Phase II/III trials
Inc. (wholly ownedartificial liver system essential liver functions into include 3 more clinical sites
subsidiary of W.R.consisting of membranespatients suffering from (11/3)
Grace; NYSE:GRA)and porcine liver cellsacute liver failure
Connetics Corp.OluxFoam formulation ofSevere scalp psoriasisAnnounced results of Phase
clobetasol proprionateIII trials (statistically signi-
0.05% (super-high potencyficant) (11/11)
Cypress ProsorbaDisposable filter thatModerate-to-severePresented clinical data at
Bioscience Inc.Columnuses Protein A to removerheumatois arthritis in ACR meeting (11/9)
(FDA-circulating immune com-patients who have failed
approved)plexes from patient's blood2nd-line therapy
Genentech Inc.; rhuMAb-E25Recombinant, humanizedSeasonal allergic rhinitisPresented preliminary results
Tanox Biosystemsmonoclonal antibody to (hay fever)of Phase II/III trial at American
Inc.* and NovartisIgECollege of Allergy, Asthma
Pharma AG and Immunology meeting in
(Switzerland)Philadelphia (11/9)
The ImmuneIR 501Vaccine consisting ofActive rheumatoid arthritisResults of Phase II trial pub-
Response Corp.3 T cell receptor peptideslished in 11/98 issue of
(Vb3, Vb14 and Vb17)Arthritis & Rheumatism
combined with adjuvant(11/24)
(intramuscular injection)
Immunex Corp.EnbrelRecombinant, soluble Juvenile rheumatoid Presented trial results at
p75 tumor necrosis factorarthritisACR meeting (11/9)
receptor (TNFr) linked
to the Fc portion of
human IgG1
EnbrelRecombinant, soluble Moderate-to-severeTwo-year follow-up results
p75 tumor necrosis factoractive rheumatoid arthritispresented at ACR meeting
receptor (TNFr) linkedin adults(11/12)
to the Fc portion of
human IgG1
Lifecore IntergelHyaluronate gelPrevention of adhesionCompleted patient enrollment
Biomedical Inc.formation following abdom-in 1st of 2 international trials
inal surgical procedures in(11/10)
women performed by
Ortec CompositeBioengineered bovineWound healing in burnsResults on 11 patients in
International Inc.Cultured collagen matrix seededpilot trial presented at 10th
Skinwith epidermal andCongress of the International
dermal cells (biologi-Society for Burn Injuries in
cally active woundJerusalem (11/3)
TSE = Toronto Stock Exchange
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for publicbiotechnology companies can be found by referring to the BioWorld StockReport For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 11-12.

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