Company** Company# Type/Product Area Terms/Details (Month)
(Country) (Country)
Abgenix Inc. Millennium Bio- Research collaboration; use of This is expansion of companies' 7/98
Therapeutics Inc. Abgenix's XenoMouse technology agreement; Millennium Bio will devel-
(majority-owned to generate fully human antibodies op, manufacture and market any
subsidiary of to Millennium Bio's antigen target products; Abgenix gets research pay-
Millennium Phar- in area of inflammatory disease ments, additional fees, milestones and
maceuticals Inc.) royalties (10/98)
Acacia Aurora Biosciences Agreement to cross-license key Companies will settle intellectual pro-
Biosciences Inc.* Corp. genomic technologies (Aurora's perty dispute and cross-license certain
fluorescent protein technology elements of respective technologies;
and Acadia's genome reporter under certain conditions, companies
matrix technology) will pay each other license fees;
financial terms ND (10/98)
Affymetrix Inc. Human Genome Agreement on use of Human This is 2nd agreement between the com-
Sciences Inc. Genome's human genome database panies on use of Human Genome's data
sequences in Affymetrix's DNA in GeneChips; Affymetrix gets rights to
probe arrays (GeneChip) commercialize GeneChip probe arrays
based on Human Genome's human
genome sequences; it will sell those
arrays to Human Genome and its data-
base consortium members; after 2001,
Affymetrix can extend agreement to
all future Human Genome database
subscribers (11/98)
Molecular Applica- Collaboration to develop bioinfor- Companies will share any profits; other
tions Group Inc.* matics software tools (to couple terms and details ND (9/98)
expression data from GeneChip
system with information about
structure and function of genes)
Allergy Ribi ImmunoChem License on Ribi's MPL immuno- Allergy Therapeutics will use MPL in its
Therapeutics Research Inc. modulator for use in allergy products for allergies to pollen from gras-
Ltd.* (U.K.) desensitization products ses, trees and house dust mites (10/98)
Axis Genetics Biomira Inc. Research collaboration on each Axis will manufacture and supply its
plc* (U.K.) (Canada) company's cancer vaccine that targets vaccine (produced in plants) to Bio-
MUC-1 peptide found on common mira for evaluation in preclinical test-
solid tumors; the 2 vaccines induce ing; each company will bear its own
different types of immune responses costs (11/98)
Biogen Inc. Genzyme Corp. Marketing of Biogen's Avonex Genzyme has exclusive rights to com-
(recombinant human interferon mercialize and distribute product in
beta-1a) for treating relapsing Japan; Genzyme responsible for clinical
multiple sclerosis development and regulatory approval
in Japan; financial terms ND (9/98)
BioMarin Genzyme Corp. Formation of joint venture on BioMarin will get $12.1M milestone
Pharmaceutical BioMarin's recombinant enzyme payment when FDA approves product
Inc. (subsidiary of alpha-L-iduronidase for treating for sale; Genzyme bought $8M in Bio-
Glyko Biomedical lysosomal storage disorder muco- Marin equity (for 5.6% stake) and will
Ltd.; TSE:GBL, polysaccharidosis I (pivotal clinical buy another $10M in stock in private
Canada) trial initiated 1/98) placement concurrent with BioMarin's
IPO at price to public (letter of intent
6/98; finalized 9/98)
Biomira Inc. Biovector Thera- Agreement to co-develop Biomira's Biovector will market product in North
(Canada) peutics SA* liposomal idiotypic vaccine for America and manufacture and market it
(France) B-cell lymphoma (consists of outside North America; Biomira retains
patient-specific tumor antigen North American manufacturing rights;
combined with interleukin-2 Biomira gets up-front fee of $0.5M,
and lipids) milestones of $15.5M, plus royalties;
Biomira also gets transfer fees for cost
of goods; Biovector will provide most
of funding for clinical trials (9/98)
BioNative AB* Maxim Pharma- Collaboration to test Maxamine ND (9/98)
(Sweden) ceuticals Inc. (immunomodulator) in combination
with BioNative's natural interferon
(Interferon Alfanative) and inter-
leukin-2 in European Phase II
clinical trial in renal cell carcinoma
BioStar Inc.* Agouron Pharma- Agreement to develop point-of- ND (10/98)
ceuticals Inc. care diagnostic test (via BioStar's
optical immunoassay technology)
to assist in clinical development
of Agouron's rhinovirus drug
candidate AG7088
Chiron Corp. MedImmune Inc. Research collaboration; use of Chi- Chiron gets up-front payment, milestones
ron's MF59 vaccine adjuvant with 2 and royalties; further details ND (9/98)
of MedImmune's vaccines (against
parvovirus B19 [for various indica-
tions, including anemia in AIDS
and cancer]; and against Escherichia
coli [for urinary tract infections])
Collagenesis Osiris Thera- Research collaboration; evaluation ND (9/98)
Inc.* peutics Inc.* of Collagenesis' collagen-based
tissue matrix delivery system for
use in delivery of Osiris'
mesenchymal stem cells for soft-
tissue regeneration (especially
tendons and ligaments)
CpG Immuno- Isis Pharma- License agreement on Isis' patents CpG gets exclusive worldwide rights to
Pharmaceuticals ceuticals Inc. covering immune stimulation by methods and applications covered by
Inc.* phosphorothioate oligonucleotides patents (not including claims for anti-
sense therapies); Isis gets license fee
and part of sublicensing revenues; Isis
will purchase "meaningful" equity stake
in CpG (8/98)
Creative Biogen Inc. Restructuring of 12/96 collaboration This program is taking longer than
Bio-Molecules Inc. on use of Creative's morphogenic anticipated; Biogen is reducing its role;
protein OP-1 for treating both acute Creative will assume primary role in
and chronic kidney failure developing therapy in the chronic
disease setting, for which Biogen will
provide $4.75M in research support;
Biogen retains option through 1999 to
resume product development in chronic
disease setting; Creative will also
assume all rights to develop product in
acute disease setting, independent of
Biogen (10/98)
CV Therapeutics Incyte Pharma- Joint research collaboration to Incyte will own any data produced; CV
Inc. ceuticals Inc. develop prototype gene expression Therapeutics gets perpetual, nonexclu-
database in cardiovascular biology sive license to use data in its internal
(especially atherosclerosis and R&D; CV Therapeutics will develop
restenosis) biological models of targeted disease
states and supply mRNA samples to
Incyte, which will generate microarray-
based expression data (9/98)
Cytogen Corp. Elan Corp. plc Unwinding of Targon Corp. joint Cytogen retains assets it originally con-
(Ireland) venture (formed in 9/96) tributed to Targon; Elan will pay Cyto-
gen $4M cash ($2M of which represents
new convertible note issued to Elan,
which Elan has option of converting
into Cytogen common stock at $2.80
per share); Elan will acquire complete
ownership of Targon and all remaining
assets, including opioid analgesic pro-
duct Morphelan; existing $10M note
from Cytogen to Elan relating to license
on Morphelan is cancelled (8/98)
Electropharma- Elan Corp. plc Research and license agreement; Electropharmacology gets worldwide
cology Inc. (OTC (Ireland) development of Elan's flexible rights to therapeutic applications of
Bulletin Board: iontophoretic patch technology for improved PEMS product as well as
EPHI) non-cosmetic dermatology and combined PEMS/iontophoretic prod-
wound care applications; also, ucts; Elan gets up-front payment,
development of flexible patch license fees and royalties; Elan bought
version of Electropharmacology's $7.5M in Electropharmacology con-
pulsed electromagnetic signal vertible preferred shares and warrants;
(PEMS) technology Elan may buy additional $2M in com-
mon stock (letter of intent 8/98; final-
ized 10/98)
Endorex Corp. Elan Corp. plc Formation of joint venture, named Companies announced formation of
Innovax Corp., to develop oral joint venture in 1/98; finalized 8/98;
vaccines via Endorex's Orasome Innovax owned 80.1% by Endorex and
oral drug delivery technology 19.9% by Elan; each partner will pro-
(especially to reformulate injectable vide personnel; combined total funding
vaccines developed by big pharma) of $3M for 1st year (8/98)
Elan Corp. plc Formation of 2nd joint venture to Companies contributed total $10.5M to
commercialize products using Elan's joint venture, which is 80.1% owned by
Medipad drug delivery system Endorex and 19.9% by Elan; Elan
(disposable system that combines bought $8.4M in Endorex preferred
patch and infusion pump) for 2 stock (exchangeable for stock in joint
undisclosed drugs venture or Endorex common stock at
premium to market); joint venture gets
exclusive worldwide rights to Medipad
for use with specific drugs; Elan gets
$10M license fee from joint venture as
well as milestones and royalties (10/98)
EnzyMed Inc.* RiboGene Inc. Joint collaboration on drugs for in- Parties will jointly own and develop any
fectious diseases; use of RiboGene's compounds resulting from research
infectious disease high-throughput (8/98)
assays to screen EnzyMed's small-
molecule chemical libraries
Genetica Inc.* Osiris Thera- Research collaboration on functional Osiris gets exclusive worldwide rights
peutics Inc.* genomics of human mesenchymal to therapeutic agents and drug targets;
stem cells; focus on discovery of Genetica gets royalties (10/98)
genes that control growth and
differentiation of these cells
ImmGenics Corixa Corp. Research collaboration on antibody- ImmGenics gets R&D payments, mile-
Pharmaceuticals based immunotherapeutics and stones and royalties; Corixa bought
Inc.* (Canada) diagnostics; use of ImmGenics' $1.75M in ImmGenics preferred stock
selected lymphocyte antibody tech- and may invest another $1.25M in 1999
nology to develop antibodies to (11/98)
Corixa's antigens in cancer and
infectious disease
Immunotech SA The Medicines Co.* License agreement on Immunotech's The Medicines Co. acquired exclusive
(France; wholly drug IS-159 (highly selective 5- worldwide rights to drug; further terms
owned subsidiary hydroxytriptamine [5-HT] receptor ND (8/98)
of Beckman Coulter agonist) for treating acute migraines
Inc.; NYSE:BEC) (Phase II European trials completed)
Introgen LXR Biotechnology Evaluation and option agreement; Introgen will assess antitumor activity
Therapeutics Inc. integration of LXR's Bak gene of Bak gene; Introgen gets option on
Inc.* (induces apoptosis and is down- exclusive license to gene; LXR gets
regulated in various tumors) into up-front payment for option; if exer-
Introgen's gene therapy technology cised, LXR gets milestones and royal-
ties (10/98)
Ligand Elan Corp. plc Strategic alliance and license on Ligand will pay Elan for product rights
Pharmaceuticals (Ireland) Elan's once-daily solid oral dosage (up-front license fees and milestones in
Inc. form of morphine (Morphelan) for cash or Ligand stock); companies have
use in treating pain associated with certain co-promotion rights in U.S.,
cancer and AIDS (in Phase III trials) Canada and Europe; Elan bought $20M
in Ligand stock ($14.9M for 1.3M
shares on 9/30/98 and $5.1M for
0.44M shares on 11/9/98); Elan will also
buy $110M in Ligand's zero coupon
convertible senior notes due 2008 (it
bought the 1st $30M in notes on 11/9/98
and will buy $80M more prior to
12/31/99); the interest-bearing notes are
convertible into Ligand common stock
at $14.00 per share; Elan owns 8% of
Ligand after close of $20M equity
purchase and initial note takedown
(letter of intent 9/98; finalized 11/98)
The Liposome Amgen Inc. Marketing of Liposome Co.'s Amgen will market product in Aus-
Co. Inc. Abelcet (amphotericin B lipid tralia and New Zealand; further details
complex) for 1st-line therapy ND (10/98)
of invasive fungal disease
Medarex Inc. Centocor Inc. License agreement on fully human Centocor exercised option from 10/97
antibodies to 4 antigens created agreement; Centocor gets exclusive
with Medarex's HuMAb-Mouse license to antibodies; Centocor paid
technology $4M for 0.9M Medarex shares (10/98)
Molecular Clontech Joint development and marketing of Microarrays will be made broadly avail-
Dynamics Inc. Laboratories Inc.* prefabricated cDNA expression able to research community; early ver-
(subsidiary of Amer- microarrays (for high-throughput sions will be available to participants in
sham Pharmacia R&D) Molecular Dynamics' microarray tech-
Biotech Inc.) nology access program (9/98)
MorphoSys AG* LeukoSite Inc. Research collaboration on therapeutic 2-year collaboration; LeukoSite gets
(Germany) monoclonal antibodies for inflamma- exclusive worldwide rights to any anti-
tory and autoimmune disorders; use body therapeutics that arise; MorphoSys
of MorphoSys' human combinatorial gets up-front fee, milestones and royal-
antibody library to screen 3 of Leuko- ties (8/98)
Site's disease targets (chemokine
receptors and integrins)
NeoGenesis Epix Medical Inc. Collaboration on advanced contrast ND (10/98)
Pharmaceuticals agents for magnetic resonance
Inc.* imaging; Epix will screen Neo-
Genesis' NeoMorph combina-
torial chemistry libraries for
product candidates
Novalon Millennium Pharma- Evaluation and research agreement; 1-year agreement; Millennium will
Pharmaceutical ceuticals Inc. Novalon will identify BioKeys conduct all drug candidate screening;
Corp.* (surrogate ligands that bind Novalon gets license fees, research
specifically to functional domains of funds, milestones and royalties (11/98)
target proteins) for limited number
of Millennium's genomic targets
Paracel Inc.* Celera Genomics Collaboration to develop high- Paracel will install its GeneMatcher
Corp. (unit of The resolution informatics tools to high-performance genetic data analysis
Perkin-Elmer Corp.; analyze genomic information; system at Celera (GeneMatcher is a
NYSE:PKN) focus on expressed sequence tags massively parallel genomic data analysis
(DNA- and protein-level com- engine); further details ND (9/98)
parisons of sequence data)
Pharming Group Genzyme Corp. Formation of joint venture on Genzyme made $14M equity invest-
NV (EASDAQ: enzyme human alpha-glucosidase ment in Pharming in 7/98; Genzyme
PHAR; the for treating Pompe's disease will fund $14M in development costs;
Netherlands) (lysosomal storage disease); prod- above that amount, companies will
uct produced in milk of trans- equally fund development costs;
genic rabbits Pharming gets $7M milestone on FDA
approval of product for sale (letter of
intent 7/98; finalized 10/98)
Protein Design Genentech Inc. Cross-licensing agreement on mono- Companies granted each other rights to
Labs Inc. clonal antibody patents license particular antibodies; Genentech
will pay $6M up-front fee to Protein
Design for rights to license up to 6
antibodies; Protein Design will pay $1M
up-front fee to Genentech for same con-
sideration; each company can obtain
nonexclusive, royalty-bearing licenses
under other's patents upon payment of
$1M fee per antibody (9/98)
Genentech Inc. License under Protein Design's Genentech gets nonexclusive license,
antibody humanization patents issued under terms of 9/98 agreement
for antibodies to HER2 antigen, (see above); Genentech paid $1M
including Herceptin (FDA- license fee; Protein Design gets
approved 9/98) royalties (11/98)
Rapigene Inc. Gemini Research Research collaboration; use of Gemini will identify single nucleotide
(subsidiary of Ltd.* (U.K.) Gemini's Phenobase database polymorphisms (SNPs) from genes
Chiroscience Group and Rapigene's DNA analysis selected as relevant to obesity; Rapi-
plc., U.K.) technologies to discover genes gene will develop and perform geno-
for obesity typing assays on twins from Gemini's
clinical database; each company will
bear own costs; any intellectual pro-
perty will be licensed to 3rd parties
for therapeutic and diagnostic applica-
tions; companies will share income (9/98)
RiboTargets Ltd.* Molecular Simula- Collaboration to develop software 3-year collaboration; details ND (10/98)
(U.K.) tions Inc. (subsidiary specific to modeling of RNA targets
of Pharmacopeia Inc.) and design of RNA-targeted drugs
Roslin Bio-Med Kimeragen Inc.* Collaboration to develop methods Goal is to create animal organs that can
Inc.* (Scotland) for precise genetic modification of be transplanted into humans; details ND
livestock; use of Kimeragen's (10/98)
chimeraplasty technology to
modify 2 genes (ovine PRP [gene
associated with scrapie] and
ovine alpha 1-3 gal [associated
with transplant rejection of
animal organs by humans])
Sangamo Bio- Millennium Pharma- Target validation collaboration; Millennium will evaluate use of Gene
Sciences Inc.* ceuticals Inc. use of Sangamo's Universal Tools in its discovery research; San-
GeneTools (rationally designed gamo gets funding; details ND (10/98)
zinc finger DNA recognition proteins
that selectively recognize and
regulate any target gene or DNA
sequence) to validate gene
targets for drug discovery
SkyePharma plc Sepracor Inc. Joint development program; use SkyePharma will develop product
(U.K.) of SkyePharma's metered-dose formulation, scale-up production and
aerosol technology to deliver supply clinical trial materials; Sepracor
Sepracor's chiral versions of retains commercial manufacturing
widely used drugs for asthma rights; Sepracor will sell products under
exclusive worldwide license from
SkyePharma; Sepracor will fund Skye-
Pharma's development costs; SkyePhar-
ma gets milestones and royalties (10/98)
Sunol Molecular Anergen Inc. License agreement on Sunol's Anergen will evaluate Sunol's mole-
Corp.* single-chain, recombinant forms of cules for potential use in its AnergiX-
major histocompatibility complex based program for multiple sclerosis
class II (MHC-II) molecules, therapies; license is result of 1997
coupled with anti-angiogenic peptide research collaboration between the
companies (9/98)
Systems Cor Therapeutics Combinatorial chemistry consortium SIDDCO will integrate its combinator-
Integration Drug Inc. agreement; Cor will work with SIDDCO ial and medicinal chemistry technology
Discovery Co. and other consortium partners to build into Cor's drug discovery programs;
(SIDDCO)* broad-based combinatorial chemistry Cor will provide research funds and gets
technology platform access to technology on royalty-free
basis (8/98)
Tanox ProCyte Corp. Expansion of 5/98 agreement on Tanox will now distribute products in
Biosystems Inc.* ProCyte's wound-care products Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the
Iamin Gel and OsmoCyte Philippines and Indonesia (as well as
pillow dressings People's Republic of China, Hong Kong
and Taiwan) (9/98)
Trega Biogen Inc. Supply agreement on Trega's 2-year, nonexclusive agreement; Trega
Biosciences Inc. Chem.Folio (small-molecule will suppy Chem.Folio libraries to Bio-
combinatorial libraries) gen; Biogen also gets nonexclusive
worldwide licenses to certain of Trega's
chemical synthesis technologies; Trega
gets guaranteed funding of $7.5M over
2 years, plus milestones (10/98)
Vanguard Medica Elan Corp. plc License agreement on Vanguard's Elan gets exclusive rights in North
Group plc (U.K.) (Ireland) anti-migraine therapy frovatriptan America to sell and distribute product;
(5HT1B/1D agonist; Phase III Elan will buy $10M in Vanguard stock
trials completed) (at $6.25 per share) for a 3% stake;
Vanguard also gets $50M in mile-
stones, plus royalties; transaction sub-
ject to government approvals (10/98)
Xenometrix Inc. Affymetrix Inc. License agreement on Xenometrix's Affymetrix gets nonexclusive license;
(OTC Bulletin gene expression profiling; covers companies will also collaborate on
Board:XENO) collection of gene expression profiles development and design of DNA
using all methods, including high- arrays for toxicology applications
density microarrays (10/98)
Gene Logic Inc. License agreement on Xenometrix's Gene Logic gets nonexclusive license;
gene expression profiling; covers further details ND (10/98)
collection of gene expression profiles
using all methods, including high-
density microarrays
Xoma Corp. Diagnostic License agreement; use of Xoma's Diagnostic Products licensed technol-
Products Corp. lipopolysaccharide binding protein ogy; Xoma gets royalties (8/98)
(biochemical marker of systemic
exposure to bacterial endotoxin) in
diagnostic tests for diseases asso-
ciated with bacterial endotoxin
@ This chart covers biotech company deals with other biotech companies announced between 8/1/98 and 11/13/98.
ND = Not disclosed, reported and/or available; TSE= Toronto Stock Exchange
# Indicates funding partner, where applicable.
* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.
** Unless otherwise noted, the trading symbols for public biotechnology companies can be found be referring to the BioWorld Stock Report For Public Biotechnology Companies on pp. 12-13.

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