* GlycoTech Corp., of Rockville, Md., extended its five-year collaboration with Novartis AG, of Basel, Switzerland, for development of selectin antagonists. Among the uses targeted is prevention of reperfusion injury associated with transplantation.* The North Carolina Biotechnology Center, of Research Triangle Park, N.C., named Eno River Capital LLC, of Durham, N.C., to organize and manage the center's new Bioscience Investment Fund. NationsBank, of Charlotte, N.C., invested $5 million in the fund, which is designed to stimulate growth and creation of biotechnology and bioscience companies in North Carolina. The state appropriated $7.5 million for the fund in August 1997 and the fund intends to raise another $30 million from the private sector. NationsBank's commitment is the first. The fund should begin operations by early fall and its investments will generally range from $500,000 to $2 million per company.

* OXIS Health Products, a subsidiary of OXIS International Inc., of Portland, Ore., signed an exclusive agreement with Cambridge Biomedical Research Group Inc., of Brighton, Mass., to establish an OXIS Reference Laboratory in Philadelphia, which will be used to evaluate wellness and biological aging. OXIS is about to introduce the OXIS Prime Age Ratio, which compares biological age with chronological age to come up with wellness and aging markers that can measure the effects of such things as nutritional supplements and lifestyle choices.

* Pharsight Corp., of Palo Alto, Calif., signed a letter of intent to acquire certain assets related to the pharmaceutical business of MGA Software Inc., of Concord, Mass. The deal is expected to close within 60 days. Pharsight's software and services are geared toward conducting "virtual clinical trials" via computer.

* Varian Biosynergy Inc., a subsidiary of Varian Associates, of Palo Alto, Calif., signed an agreement with GenVec Inc., of Rockville, Md., to collaborate on preclinical and clinical research, as well as development projects, involving targeted radiation treatment with gene therapy for cancer. Varian will develop the equipment and software while GenVec will develop the gene-based pharmaceutical products. Each retains the right to develop and commercialize their products and technologies independently.

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