The University of California's Breast Cancer Research Program hasabout $20 million earmarked in its first round of funding foracademicians and private sector scientists working to developtreatments and early detection for breast cancer.

The funds are derived from the state's collection this year of anincrease in the cigarette tax of two cents per pack. The first $20million in research grants represents collections over the first yearand a half of the tax increase, which was implemented in January.Succeeding year grants will total about $14 million annually,program officials said.

Biotechnology companies, universities and other organizationsinvolved in breast cancer research are eligible to apply. Initialapplications for grants, which will be distributed next July, must besubmitted by Jan. 6, 1995.

For more information on the research grants contact the Universityof California's Breast Cancer Research Program via fax at (510)835-4740. _ Charles Craig

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