Calgene Inc. has been awarded a European patent for the Flavr Savrgene used to make tomatoes decay resistant, but the Davis, Calif.,company said it has not developed a timetable for introducing thegenetically engineered fruit to Europe.

The European patent, said Calgene spokeswoman CarolynHayworth, is part of the company's development program for theFlavr Savr tomatoes, but "we're concentrating on sales in NorthAmerica."

The Flavr Savr tomatoes are genetically modified to resist decay sothey can ripen on the vine before being picked. The FDA approvedthe product in May after five years of review.

Calgene has applied for regulatory approval to sell the tomatoes inCanada, but they currently are available only in the U.S.

Hayworth said the tomatoes are distributed to 733 stores in theMidwest and California. "We expect to be in 2,500 stores in thesame regions next summer," she added. _ Charles Craig

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