Cephalon Inc., which hopes to market its own products to neurologistsin the next few years, said Tuesday that it will co-promote Bristol-Myers Squibb Co.'s Stadol NS nasal spray to neurologists in the UnitedStates.Cephalon President and CEO Frank Baldino told BioWorld that thecompany already assembled a 20-person sales force that should beready to start selling the product this fall. He said Cephalon, of WestChester, Pa., and New York-based Bristol-Myers will split sales fromthe neurology market on a 50-50 basis in the three-year arrangement."This agreement gives Cephalon an opportunity to build a targetedneurology sales organization on the strength of a currently marketedneurological product," Baldino said. "It also enables us to build ourrelationships with neurologists as we prepare to launch our proprietaryproducts in the years ahead."Stadol NS (butorphanol tartrate), a synthetically derived opioidanalgesic, was launched in 1992 to treat pain associated with migraineand other neurological conditions. Bristol-Myers, which doesn't have aneurology focus, has been marketing the product primarily to generalpractitioners/family physicians and, to a lesser degree,obstetricians/gynecologists.Baldino, whose company doesn't have any products on the market,said the deal gives Cephalon an opportunity to learn the marketing endof the pharmaceutical business before its products are approved. Andhe said Cephalon's strategy is to pursue similar arrangements withother companies that have newer products to market to the neurologysector.Cephalon has two products, Myotrophin and modafinil, in clinicalstudies for which new drug applications are expected to be filed in1995, Baldino said. Myotrophin neuronal growth factor foramyotrophic lateral sclerosis is in Phase II/III trials in the U.S. andEurope. And modafinil, which Cephalon licensed from Laboratoire L.Lafon in France, is already approved for narcolepsy in that country.Cephalon has it in U.S. trials for the same indication.Cephalon (NASDAQ:CEPH) stock closed unchanged Tuesday at $9.75per share. n

-- Jim Shrine

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