Genzyme Transgenics Corp. bought a 166-acre farm for $420,000 inCharlton and Spencer, Mass., to use for the commercial production ofrecombinant products in dairy animals, the company said Monday.The farm will house and breed up to 1,000 goats. GenzymeTransgenics of Framingham, Mass., a majority-owned subsidiary ofGenzyme Corp., already announced expression levels of up to 7 gm perliter of recombinant human antithrombin (AT-III) in the milk oftransgenic goats. The company also is working on production of tissueplasminogen activator (t-PA) and cystic fibrosis transmembraneregulator (CFTR) in goats' milk.Tom Smith, farm operations manager, told BioWorld the goats will beimported from New Zealand because that country and Australia "enjoya particular disease freedom," from scrapie, an infectious protein. Hesaid certifying U.S. goats were free from the disease would take fiveyears.Kathleen Rinehart, Genzyme's public relations supervisor, said thecompany expects to invest about $6 million over the next few years onthe farm. Genzyme now has about 275 goats, about 20 of which aretransgenic. They have been kept at Tufts University in Massachusetts._ Jim Shrine

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