Quadrant Holdings Cambridge Ltd. of Cambridge, England,completed a private placement of 4.3 million preferredordinary shares (common stock), raising #2.3 million(U.S.$3.5 million).Investors include Technology Leaders of Wayne, Pa., AtlasInvesterings Group (Holland), Electra Innvotec (U.K.),Euroventures (Holland) and Prelude Technology Investments(U.K.).Quadrant Holdings is using a technology based on thenaturally occurring sugar trehalose for the room-temperaturepreservation of a variety of biological materials. Developmentplans include three areas: stabilizing biopharmaceuticals,including coagulation factors, a variety of peptide hormonesand growth factors; stabilizing childhood vaccines so theydon't need refrigeration; and basic research on thestabilization and preservation of blood.032194Quadrant

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