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Nippon Mining Co. Mutation-improved EPO 511 393Tokyo hirudineA hirudine mutant HVIC3 has high antithrombin effect,shortens bleeding time; cloned and expressed in E. coli hostorganism.

NIZO Ede, the Lantibiotic bacterial WO 92/18633Netherlands hostGenetically engineered lactic-acid bacteria, producinglantibiotics by mutating nisin A, for preparation orpreservation of foodstuffs.

Osaka Bioscience Cell-death surface EPO 510 691Inst., Osaka, Japan antigenDNAs encoding human Fas antigen, a ubiquitous polypeptideimplicated in programmed cell death; expression vectors;transformants.

Osaka U. Microbial Varicella-zoster EPO 510 996Dis. Res. Fn., Osaka virus vectorRecombinant varicella-zoster virus contains gene from hepatitisB; used in multivalent vaccine for chickenpox and hepatitis Binfection.

Phillips Petroleum Albumin expressed EPO 510678&693Co., Bartlesville, Okla. in PichiaImproved expression casette for producing human serumalbumin in Pichia pastoris host cells.

Rhone-Poulenc Kluyveromyces EPO 511 912Rorer SAAntony, Fr. gene promoterDNA sequences comprising all or part of gene transcriptionalpromoter sequences for Kluyveromyces lactis yeast; itsderivatives.

Rohm & Haas Co. Avidin-binding EPO 511 747Philadelphia polypeptideRecombinant, hybrid polypeptide containing avidin-bindingdomain; a site for cleaving polypeptide of interest from avidin-binding component.

Salk Institute Decoys for control WO 92/18522La Jolla, Calif. proteinsDNA structures with target sequences that bind to controlproteins, to permit modulation of their transcriptional control.

Schering Corp. Interleukin-3 receptor WO 92/18628Kenilworth, N.J. subunitNucleic acids encoding the a-chain of human interleukin-3receptor; the chain itself, for screening IL-3 agonists, cellular hosts.

Scripps Research Receptor library WO 92/18619 Inst., La Jolla, Calif. phage vectorsFilamentous phage encapsulating genome encodingpolypeptides of self-assembling receptor, e.g., antibody;surface-integrated receptor.

Stratagene Site-based vector WO 92/18632La Jolla, Calif. systemA bacteriophage packaging site-based vector system involvescloning vectors to prepare multi-copy phage libraries of clonedDNA.

Sumitomo Pharm. Co. Neurotrophic peptide EPO 511816Osaka derivativeHuman or rat neurotrophic peptides and derivatives;precursors; genes; expression vectors, for treating neuro-degenerative disorders, e.g., dementia.

Surface Active Ltd. Mono-, bi-, tri-specific EPO 511 011Bristol, U.K. antibodiesFor diagnosis, therapy. Also, method whereby binding of firstantigen to antibody No.1 causes release of adjacentantigen.from antibody No. 2.

UK: Solicitor for affairs ofHer Majesty's treasury Genetic analysis probes, WO92/18646London primersDNA and RNA probes; PCR primers for restriction fragmentlength polymorphism (RFLP) genetic analysis, minisatellitevariation mapping.

Unilever PLC Lipid biosynthesis WO 92/18634London in seedsSeed-specific plant promoter expresses gene before or duringfatty-acid or lipid biosynthesis, to enhance oil- or nutritionalcontent of plant cells.

Washington, Univ. of DNA encoding WO 92/18541Seattle phosphodiesterasesNucleotide sequences encoding calmodulin- and cyclic-GMP-stimulated phosphodiesterases, their recombinant expressionproducts.

Weyerhaeuser Co. Cellulose synthase WO 92/18631Federal Way, Wash. operonNucleic acid sequences encoding bacterial cellulose synthaseoperon derived from Acetobacter; gene isolation methods;vectors; transformed hosts.

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