Cambridge NeuroScience Inc. said that it has begun initialclinical trials in Britain of its drug, CNS 1102, for preventingbrain damage resulting from stroke.

CNS 1102, N-Methyl-D-Aspartate (NMDA) ion-channel blocker,will be tested in 20 healthy volunteers in a dose-ranging,double-blind study that is expected to take about two monthsto complete, said John T. Smith, the company's manager ofcorporate communications.

Cambridge Neuro (NASDAQ:CNSI) of Cambridge, Mass., expectsto file this fall an investigational new drug (IND) application tostart U.S. trials of the product, probably in early 1993. Thecompany also plans to expand British trials to include thetreatment of traumatic head injury, in addition to the effects ofstroke.

The interrupted blood flow to the brain following a stroke orhead injury causes nerve cell death. Excessive glutamate isreleased from damaged nerve terminals, which then stimulatesthe entry of calcium into nerve cells, resulting in nerve celldeath brain damage. CNS 1102 is designed to block the flow ofcalcium into the cells.

Cambridge Neuro has an exclusive worldwide license to CNS1102 from the University of Oregon.

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