Agouron Pharmaceuticals Inc. said Friday that its AG-337 anti-cancer compound increased the life span of all mice tested byat least 200 percent.

The compound is slated to be the first anti-cancer drug the SanDiego company will take into the clinic. A Phase I trial isplanned in the United Kingdom this fall.

AG-337 is a small synthetic compound that inhibitsthymidylate synthase. TS is a building block of DNA that isresponsible for the rapid proliferation of cells.

Company scientists, presenting at the American Association ofCancer Research in San Diego, said that all six mice with murinelymphoma that were treated with AG-337 were still alive atthe end of the 100-day experiment. Mice with the diseaseusually die by day 20. The animals were injectedintraperitoneally with 15 mg/kg of drug for 10 days.

In addition, all six mice given 200 mg/kg of AG-337 orallydaily for six days were also alive at the end of the experiment.

Agouron shares (NASDAQ:AGPH) lost 13 cents to $12.38 onFriday.

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