U.S. Bioscience has set a meeting date to discuss the future ofits Ethyol chemoprotective with the Food and DrugAdministration, Robert Kriebel, senior vice president of financeand administration, told BioWorld on Wednesday.

Although the meeting will occur "shortly," the company will notannounce the meeting or its results, Kriebel said. "It is a privateworking session to figure out together how we can get thisproduct back on track," he said. "We heard (from an FDAadvisory panel) that they need more data and that the existingdata has to mature. This is the kind of pro-active dialogue thatwe look to establish on a number of fronts."

The company's stock (AMEX:UBS) has continued to slide sinceEthyol was turned down by the advisory panel on Jan. 31. Itsshares fell $13.75 to $17.75 the day after the decision. OnWednesday, UBS regained $1 to $15.38 after falling to $14.38on Tuesday. -- Kris Herbst

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