The egg injector system made by Embrex Inc. has completedsuccessfully its second field testing, the company announced ata poultry industry meeting Tuesday.

Testing compared results from injecting vaccine for Marek'sdisease into eggs three days before hatch to the traditionalinjection of chicks on the day they hatch. Chicks vaccinated inovo had higher hatch rates and grew to greater body weightswhile consuming less feed, the company reported.

The Research Triangle Park, N.C., company (NASDAQ:EMBX)intends to lease this second-generation system directly topoultry producers, on a fee-per-egg basis. The companyestimated potential savings of $100 million to $130 millionannually in production costs to poultry producers, which doesnot include leasing costs.

Embrex shares rose 75 cents, closing at $8.88.

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