Biosys, a developer of biological pesticides, said it hasentered into an agreement under which agriculturalconglomerate Archer Daniels Midland Co. will produce Biosys'nematode-based pesticides.

According to the agreement announced last week, ADM willmass-manufacture the nematodes in its new biochemicalfacility in Decatur, Ill., with Biosys providing technicalstaffing.

Terms were not disclosed, but Bruce Fielding, Biosys' chieffinancial officer, told BioWorld that "it is a terrific deal forus, and a validation for our technology."

Biosys has a process patent on its technology to produce largenumbers of the soil-dwelling parasitic worms at low cost. Thecompany said the ADM deal would allow its pesticides to becost-competitive with chemical products.

Based in Palo Alto, Calif., privately held Biosys has developednematodes in a shelf-stable form and has sold products for thepast three years. It has agreements with the Ortho division ofChevron Chemical Co. and with Ciba-Geigy for sales to theprofessional and the consumer lawn and garden markets. -- RF

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