Nevia Bio Ltd. (formerly Gina Life Ltd.) completed a $3.1 million seed round that will allow the company, which has developed a platform that can decode biomarkers data from vaginal secretions for the early detection of ovarian cancer, to conduct clinical trials. With ovarian cancer the leading cause of death in women diagnosed with gynaecological cancers, Nevia is hoping that its platform will save many lives.

Salvia implants first patient with neuromodulation device for severe cluster headache

A woman in Nambour, Australia, is the first patient to receive a minimally invasive implantable neuromodulation device for severe migraine and cluster headache in a first-in-human study conducted by Salvia Bioelectronics BV. The 29-year-year old patient has suffered from debilitating cluster headaches since the age of 14, and she experienced immediate improvements in the frequency and intensity of her cluster headache attacks following the treatment at Nambour Selangor hospital. “This little device allows me to regain control of my life and provides the opportunity to fully engage with my young family,” the young mother said.

Aion heats up with clearance for continuous temperature monitor

Aion Biosystems Inc. may be operating at a fever pitch right now, with U.S. FDA 510(k) clearance in hand for the company’s Itempshield device and software, which provides continuous measurement of body temperature. The company is targeting use of the quarter-sized device for patients with cancer and others at high risk of infection.

Singapore researcher develops an aero-elastic pressure sensor to improve accuracy

Researchers at the National University of Singapore developed an aero-elastic pressure sensor to be applied to minimally invasive surgeries, aiming to address issues caused by existing pressure sensors. The eAir sensor was developed to change how the pressure is measured and improve accuracy. By providing surgeons with tactile feedback, it can support laparoscopic procedures by enabling more accurate tissue manipulation. The sensor can also benefit patients by providing a less invasive way to monitor intracranial pressure, a crucial indicator for patients with neurological problems.

Biomarker brainteaser: Aging? Or just changing?

“Change is the only constant” is an ageless truth. In the search for age-related biomarkers, it is also a prosaic confounding factor. Age-related biomarkers will be critical for the development of antiaging therapeutics. “Nobody is planning to do a life span study in humans,” Eric Verdin told the audience at the 10th Conference on Aging Research and Drug Development in Copenhagen on Monday. “Hence the need for … surrogate markers.” And “we are not there … we are actually quite far from there.”

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