• Biosense Webster (Diamond Bar, California) said the FDA has cleared the Carto 3 system for use by electrophysiologists in treating cardiac arrhythmias. The Carto 3 system offers three features: Advanced Catheter Location (ACL) Technology, Fast Anatomical Mapping (FAM), and a streamlined workflow feature set referred to as Connection of Choice. These three features work in tandem to enhance a physician's ability to treat an array of simple and complex cardiac arrhythmias. "The Carto 3 System is the world's most sophisticated 3-D mapping platform on the market today and builds upon our long-standing commitment to electrophysiologists and their patients," said Shlomi Nachman, Worldwide President of Biosense Webster.

DePuy Mitek (Raynham, Massachusetts) reported the launch of the VAPR Premiere90, a new low-profile, small-diameter radiofrequency electrode that provides soft tissue ablation and coagulation with enhanced visualization during arthroscopic surgery. The VAPR Premiere90 offers a low profile design (3.3 mm tip and 3.7 mm shaft) that allows for easy insertion, maneuverability and access to small or constricted areas. The central and new peripheral suction ports create a large suction area that improves visualization by quickly removing bubbles and small debris from the field of vision. The VAPR Electrosurgical System consists of a high frequency electrosurgical generator, a reusable handpiece with connector cable, disposable electrodes, alternative disposable electrodes with integrated connector cable, and a foot switch. It is intended for resection, ablation, excision, hemostasis of blood vessels, and coagulation of soft tissue in patients requiring arthroscopic surgery of the knee, shoulder, ankle, elbow and/or wrist.

• Freedom Meditech (Pittsburgh) reported results from a study showed non-invasive technology designed to painlessly measure glucose levels in the human eye shows promise of one day replacing the finger-stick blood test. The study showed that the eye-scanning technology produced non-invasive, in-vivo glucose measurements that tracked blood glucose readings with only a five minute delay. Freedom Meditech is currently developing a non-invasive ocular glucose measurement device that could provide an alternative to the current finger prick method of diabetes blood sugar measurement and monitoring. The consumer-ready product is planned to operate like binoculars with light being shined on one eye for less than a second and having a digital glucose reading displayed on the device.