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nSpire Health (Longmont, Colorado) a respiratory diagnostic products and services, reported clinical trial research services awards of more than $9 million in August. The trials awarded by prominent pharmaceutical companies include the company's eSP core lab services, gold standard KoKo spirometry, and new patent pending PiKoLogic electronic patient reported outcomes (ePRO) solution. The trials, beginning as early as October, include thousands of subjects in multiple phase trials and will demonstrate PiKoLogic in over 20 languages.

"These projects require data capture and event reporting attributes unique to PiKoLogic and the company's web-based study management tools," said Tom Rothwell, Director of Project Management.

PiKoLogic, the only integrated real-time eDiary Spirometer combines the accuracy of the award-winning PiKo lung health monitor with advanced electronic diary capabilities into a single package. PiKoLogic gathers home spirometry measurements with precision previously only available at investigator sites. By using customized scenario-based branching logic questionnaires sponsors increase trial productivity and the clinical yield of subject testing.