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HemoCue (Madison, New Jersey), a subsidiary of Quest Diagnostics (Madison, New Jersey), reported that it has signed an agreement with Medical Automation Systems (MAS; Charlottesville, Virginia) for the development of a RALS-Plus module for the HemoCue 201 DM analyzer whole-blood systems for hemoglobin and glucose point-of-care measurement.

The interface will enable users of the HemoCue 201 DM analyzers to automatically manage, report and electronically transfer patient hemoglobin and glucose data to the RALS-Plus database and a hospital's laboratory information system. The company expects to introduce the hospital connectivity feature in fall 2009.

"Today's technologies bring laboratory-quality results closer to the patient, and point-of-care diagnostic insights allow healthcare providers to address a patient's immediate health concerns quickly and directly," said Jon Cohen, MD, Quest Diagnostics senior vice president and chief medical officer.

He added, "When these insights are automatically transmitted to the hospital's laboratory information system, their value extends far beyond a single episode of care and to the longer-term care and well-being of the patient."

HemoCue products enable common blood and urine tests to be performed at the point-of-care without sacrificing the accuracy and precision offered by a central clinical lab.

Measurement of hemoglobin is important for blood donors and patients under consideration for transfusion therapy, or currently receiving dialysis or chemotherapy treatment, where instant test results can lead to immediate treatment decisions.

The HemoCue hand-held systems are used in physicians' offices, blood banks, hospitals, diabetes clinics and public health clinics.