InTouch Technologies (Santa Barbara, California), a developer of Remote Presence robotic solutions, reported that it has settled its ongoing legal disputes with HeadThere (San Francisco) relating to HeadThere's robotic videoconferencing technology.

Under the agreement entered into between the two parties, HeadThere has agreed to cease its alleged infringing activities, including the direct or indirect manufacturing, advertising, promotion or conducting of sales or offering for sale in the U.S. of any products or services incorporating a video conferencing robot that enables remote presence and communication.

The parties also have agreed to release litigation activities and counterclaims against each other without prejudice. Furthermore, they have agreed to release each other from liability related to the litigation activities and counterclaims, conditioned upon the parties' compliance to the settlement obligations.

As part of the settlement, InTouch has granted HeadThere a limited license to certain of its U.S. patents to allow HeadThere to develop and manufacture prototype products that upon completion will be available for sale outside of the U.S.

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