A Medical Device Daily

CHF Solutions (Brooklyn Park, Minnesota) has finalized an agreement with Premier (San Diego). Under this agreement, a new category, Aquapheresis Therapy Products, has been created for CHF Solutions' products, which are immediately available to the 2,000 hospitals and 53,000-plus other healthcare sites of the Premier Healthcare Alliance.

"We see an exciting strategic alignment between the clinical outcomes achieved with Aquapheresis therapy and Premier's focus on improving outcomes and reducing costs to treat heart failure patients," said David Springer, president/CEO of CHF Solutions. "Clinical studies and experience have proven Aquapheresis therapy provides superior clinical outcomes for heart failure patients with fluid overload, while reducing the length of hospital stays and costly readmissions."

"Our Purchasing Partners sourcing team continually seeks innovative new products for member agreements to accelerate clinical and financial performance," said Kelly Hofstatter, clinical director of cardiovascular services for Premier. "We believe that Aquapheresis therapy can help do just that."

Aquapheresis therapy is a method of removing excess salt and water from patients with fluid overload.

Premier also reported that it has signed an agreement with Ceplast Medical Devices (Doral, Florida) in a new product category for candy-coated tongue depressors.

Effective Oct. 1, the agreement is available to acute care and continuum of care members of the Premier healthcare alliance.