• Baxa (Englewood, Colorado) reported the launch of an interactive training capability, referred to as the Virtual Compounder, which enhances its existing Web-based training tool for sterile compounding education. The Virtual Compounder is a series of training lessons that allows users not only to read and memorize materials, but to demonstrate a clear understanding and proficiency in the concepts. This new interactive training tool has been incorporated into the CriticalPoint training program. Through the Virtual Compounder, users are required to walk through a hands-on training session on their desktop. Its step-by-step lessons help ensure safe compounding practices, thereby improving patient safety. The addition of this specialized interactive component to the existing CriticalPoint training strengthens user retention and enhances the overall user experience.

• Bovie Medical (Melville, New York) received FDA clearance to market its ICON GP generator to be used in general surgery and in conjunction with Bovie’s Polarian vessel-sealing instruments. A 510(k) application has not yet been filed for the Polarian instruments.

• Cardo Medical (Los Angeles) reported FDA clearance of its Align 360 total knee system. The system is the flagship product within the company’s Align 360 platform, which has already received FDA clearance for its Uni-Compartmental and Patello-Femoral systems. All three systems feature a unique modular approach and common instrumentation system with a revolutionary concept designed to deliver simplified, reproducible surgical outcomes. Cardo Medical’s Uni-Compartmental System, which was the first product release within the Align 360 platform, has been used in more than 500 surgeries to date.

• Cook Medical (Bloomington, Indiana) reported the availability of the Ciaglia Blue Dolphin balloon percutaneous tracheostomy introducer, the first device for percutaneous dilational tracheostomy (PDT) procedures that combines balloon dilation and tracheal tube insertion into one step. PDT is an elective procedure generally performed on patients in the ICU who require long-term ventilation. PDT is accepted as a safe, cost-effective and reliable bedside procedure, but Cook noted that patients still are at risk for intraoperative complications, including tracheal trauma. The balloon minimizes pressure on the anterior tracheal wall and delivers an even and controlled radial dilation. This significantly reduces the downward force needed to create a tracheal stoma compared to traditional PDTs, according to the company. Featuring a nylon construction, the Ciaglia Blue Dolphin balloon measures 5.4 cm long, with an outer diameter of 16 mm when fully inflated. The maximum inflation pressure of the balloon is 11 atmospheres.

• Revolutions Medical (Mount Pleasant, South Carolina) filed a 510(k) application with FDA for its 3 cc Rev Vac Safety Syringe. The Rev Vac safety syringe uses technology to draw the needle into the syringe chamber after use. This safety syringe should result in a major decrease in accidental needle stick injuries. Another safety feature is that it will disallow the reuse of the syringe. This may decrease the spread of HIV and other blood-borne diseases. This safety syringe is used one-handed, an important feature for medical personnel.

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