• Orthovita (Malvern, Pennsylvania) has introduced Vitoss bioactive foam pack as the newest addition to its bone graft substitute product line. Vitoss bioactive foam pack includes Orthovita's bioactive glass and has been shown in pre-clinical studies to accelerate bone healing, as evidenced by increased bone strength, when compared to non-bioactive materials. With its putty-like handling properties, the product can be easily molded for bone grafting procedures. Vitoss bioactive foam pack is Orthovita's second bone graft substitute product that combines bioactivity with the company's Vitoss synthetic bone scaffold technology.

• Royal Philips Electronics (Andover, Massachusetts) said it was showing several products at the ASTRO conference in Boston. They include: Brilliance CT Big Bore Oncology Configuration, designed for the radiation oncology department and provides image quality, accuracy and workflow efficiency, while facilitating shorter exam times for patients. The 85cm bore allows for flexible treatment setups and the comprehensive motion management tools improve confidence in treatment volume assessment. Gemini, introducing 4D Time of Flight on PET/CT & PET/CT Big Bore — the new Philips Gemini TF Big Bore is the first commercial Big Bore PET/CT, with a full 85 cm bore diameter for both PET and CT scans. The system combines Philips time-of-flight PET imaging technologies with its Brilliance CT Big Bore simulation to optimize oncology workflow, accuracy, and patient experience. Traxtal PercuNav — Combining Philips' innovations in image processing and modeling with Traxtal's PercuNav system, the companies have collaborated to deliver an image guided interventional system that offers minimally invasive soft tissue navigation and auto-image fusion of live ultrasound with CT and MR.

Qiagen (Venlo, the Netherlands) has introduced a new HPV test specifically for use in regions of the world with scarce resources that it said is "substantially" more accurate in identifying women with cervical disease than the current methods (Pap testing and visual inspection) in these countries. The new test for HPV (human papillomavirus), the primary cause of cervical cancer, is being developed by in partnership with PATH. The careHPV test is specially designed to allow women in areas with scarce healthcare resources to benefit from the advanced technology of HPV testing: It produces rapid, accurate results, yet is also simple to run, requires minimal infrastructure and will be affordable for public-health programs in these countries.

Quantum Intech (Boulder Creek, California), and its HeartMath subsidiary, a maker of scientifically based stress reduction and performance boosting technologies, reported the release of HeartMath's emWave PC stress relief system connected to HealthVault, Microsoft's consumer health platform. The connected system provides consumers and corporations with online data for overall fitness assessments, the ability to integrate physician's office sessions with patient's home sessions, integrated progress review of stored sessions, and backup storage and synchronization of session information from multiple computers for employers and employees. HeartMath's emWave PC is a PC-based system that features heart rhythm feedback. With emWave PC, users quickly learn essential self-regulation and emotional management skills that increase their internal awareness of when the stress response starts as well as how to shift out of stress the moment it arises, resulting in improved overall health, performance and productivity.