A Medical Device Daily Staff Report

SIRS-Lab (Jena, Germany) reported the closing of a follow-up financing round led by Affentranger Associates, along with beteiligungsmanagement Thüringen. According to the company, this new round aims at a rapid ramp-up of its sales and marketing organization.

A molecular diagnostics company focused on life-threatening infections such as sepsis, one of the major causes of death in hospitals, SIRS-Lab obtained further funding to further commercialize its sepsis diagnostic suite, which includes its Vyoo and Siqnature products.

Sepsis is the second-leading cause of death in hospitals after cardiovascular disease, with more than 2 million cases per year. Limited viable and fast diagnostic methods are currently available, according to SIRS-Lab.

Vyoo is a pathogen-detection test that enables physicians to determine the causative agent of a deadly infection much earlier and more reliably than currently possible, the company said.

Siqnature was presented to the scientific community at the recent International Shock Society congress in Cologne, Germany. The immune monitoring test allows early detection of sepsis and monitoring of patients at risk.

Vyoo has been available commercially since December 2007; Siqnature will be marketed starting in 4Q08.