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Alcon Research Institute (ARI; Fort Worth, Texas) recognized seven researchers who have dedicated themselves to enhancing the understanding of vision and eye health.

These seven doctors, who were nominated by previous winners and selected by ARI's independent Scientific Selection Committee, each will receive $100,000 in unrestricted grant money from ARI to continue pursuing their research into the underlying causes of eye disease. They also will be recognized at ARI's biennial symposium in 2009, where they will present their research.

The recipients include:

Vadim Arshavsky, PhD, for his work on the behavior of G-proteins and photoreceptors in an effort to understand humans' response to light.

Emily Chew, MD, and Frederick Ferris, MD, who were jointly involved in designing, developing and executing the Age-Related Eye Disease Study, with results that could prevent the development of age-related macular degeneration in more than 300,000 people in the next five years.

David Copenhagen, PhD, for his extensive body of work studying visual system development.

Reza Dana, MD, for his contributions in the area of corneal transplants.

Elizabeth Engle, MD, for her research into the genetics of ocular defects.

Simon John, PhD, for his distinguished career and groundbreaking research directed toward understanding the underlying causes and potential treatments of glaucoma.

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