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The Health Industry Group Purchasing Association (HIGPA; Ann Arbor, Michigan), an organization that advocates on behalf of healthcare group purchasing organizations (GPOs), and the Coalition for Healthcare eStandards (CHeS), an industrywide standards advocacy organization, said they are combining their efforts, whereby a new CHeS will serve as a committee under HIGPA.

Effective July 1, the two organizations will enter a new agreement that allows the work of CHeS to continue under the management structure of HIGPA. CHeS will legally dissolve on June 30 and formally become a committee under the auspices of HIGPA at that time.

Curtis Rooney, HIGPA president, said, "CHeS is a remarkable organization that has brought the industry together to develop and promote the use of open data standards that make the healthcare system more efficient and safer for patients. With its impressive standards knowledge and proven track record, CHeS will make a strong addition to HIGPA's ongoing work on behalf of GPOs."

It is anticipated that the new CHeS will continue to participate in industry activities related to the adoption of supply chain standards, serving on work committees of the newly formed GS1 Healthcare US along with other member organizations, including the Association of Healthcare Resource & Materials Management, the recently merged Healthcare Supply Chain Standards Coalition and the Strategic Marketplace Initiative.

CHeS is a collaborative of organizations dedicated to promoting the adoption and use of open data standards in the healthcare industry, while HIGPA is a broad-based trade association that represents 19 group purchasing organizations, including for-profit and not-for-profit corporations, public purchasing groups, associations, multi-hospital systems and healthcare provider alliances.