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Peak International Limited (Hong Kong) said it has signed an agreement with National Account Contracts (NAC) to expand Peak’s presence in the medical consumables market. Already producing and selling chemical analyzer cuvettes to the medical industry, Peak says it is establishing a dedicated medical products division and will now leverage NAC’s existing sales infrastructure and medical product expertise to accelerate sales and seek out new product and partnership opportunities.

“This is a new and exciting opportunity for Peak,” said Dean Personne, Peak’s president/CEO. “We already have the precision design, engineering and clean room production capabilities to serve the medical market’s plastic needs and we believe our global reach and international economics have the potential to strengthen potential medical product partners. We expect NAC to bring us immediate domain expertise and an established medical sales capability.”

According to the company, many of today’s largest hospitals are served by Global Procurement Organizations (GPOs) who screen and procure medical products from manufacturers once the need is defined and reviewed by Surgical Advisory Boards. Once a contract is awarded, the manufacturer and its suppliers fulfill that contract within tight tolerances for quality and delivery. NAC will focus on partnerships and sales with these manufacturers while Peak provides precision design, engineering, manufacturing and global JIT delivery.

“Peak International’s unique strengths in the manufacturing of high tolerance, precision plastics make it well positioned to become a major supplier of products to the U.S. healthcare marketplace. Peak’s ability to provide product manufacturing, coupled with substantial cost benefits, will assist U.S. medical product companies as they cope with increasing cost pressures and supply chain improvement initiatives required by U.S. healthcare provider organizations,” said Kevin McMillen, NAC’s president/CEO.

Peak International Limited supplies precision-engineered packaging products for storage, transportation and automated handling of semiconductor devices, precision medical products, and other electronic components.

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