Company* (Country; Symbol)Company* (Country; Symbol)Type/Product AreaTerms/Details (Date)

Abraxis BioScience Inc. (ABBI) Biocon Ltd.* (India)Licensing agreement for rights to develop a bio-similar version of G-CSF in North America and the European UnionBiocon will receive an up-front licensing fee and royalties on product sales (7/20)
Acrongenomics Inc. (Switzerland; OTC BB:AGNM)Molecular Vision Ltd.* (UK) and Pearson Matthews Ltd.* (UK)Agreement to design a fully manufacturable, prototype, point-of-care medical diagnostic device to detect kidney and cardiac biomarkersFinancial terms were not disclosed (6/27)
Albany Molecular Research Inc. (AMRI)Achaogen Inc.*Natural products-based drug discovery collaboration involving the use of AMRI's high-throughput screening capability to test samples from its natural product libraries against targets of interest to Achaogen AMRI will receive an undisclosed up-front payment and could receive milestone payments (6/28)
Antares Pharma Inc. (AMEX:AIS)Jazz Pharmaceuticals (JAZZ) Worldwide product development and license agreement for a product based on Antares' Advanced Transdermal Delivery system; it is being developed to treat an undisclosed central nervous system disorderJazz will pay Antares up-front and product development milestone payments in addition to payments for any future development activities; Antares also will receive royalties (7/19)
Archemix Corp.*Isis Pharmaceuticals Inc. (ISIS)License agreement and research collaboration under which Archemix gained access to Isis patents covering chemistries, analytical methods and manufacturing methods for the discovery and development of oligonucleotide-based therapeutic drugs based on Archemix's SELEX technology Isis is entitled to milestone and royalty payments on resulting aptamer therapeutics developed by Archemix that incorporate Isis technologies; also, Isis would receive a percentage of revenue generated through Archemix sublicenses (8/8)
Bio-Rad Laboratories Inc. (AMEX:BIO)Quest Diagnostics Inc. (NYSE:DGX)Two multiyear agreements calling for Bio-Rad to place BioPlex 2200 systems and autoimmune test reagents, as well as its HIV-1/HIV-2 PLUS O EIA assay, for use at reference laboratoriesTerms of the agreement were not disclosed (7/17)
Biovail Laboratories International SRL (unit of Biovail Corp.; Canada; TSX:BVF)Undisclosed, privately held company License and development agreement for exclusive global rights to BVF-324 for prevalent sexual dysfunctionThe licensor is entitled to an up-front payment along with potential milestone and royalty payments (8/8)
Cardiokine Inc.*Biogen Idec Inc. (BIIB)Agreement covering the vasopressin receptor antagonist lixivaptanCardiokine retained the U.S. co-promotion option, while Biogen Idec got a late-stage compound for its cardiovascular franchise; the deal involves $50M up front and up to $170M in milestone payments, as well as royalties (7/2)
Celsion Corp. (AMEX:CLN)Boston Scientific Corp. (NYSE:BSX)Agreement under which Celsion sold its Prolieve assets to Boston ScientificBoston Scientific will pay Celsion $60M for assets in three installments: $30M at closing, and $15M each after one and two years (6/22)
Ciphergen Biosystems Inc. (CIPH)Health Discovery Corp. (OTC BB: HDVY)License and settlement agreement for 25 patents covering HDC's support vector machine technology for use with SELDI technologyCiphergen received a worldwide, royalty- free, nonexclusive license for life sciences and diagnostic applications of the technology; Ciphergen will pay $600,000 over two years (7/10)
Coley Pharmaceutical Group Inc. (COLY)Dynavax Technologies Corp. (DVAX)Nonexclusive licensing agreement for Coley's immunostimulatory oligo- nucleotide patent estateThe license covers commercialization of Dynavax's Heplisav; Coley will receive a $5M up-front payment and is eligible to receive up to $5M upon regulatory approvals of Heplisav, as well as royalty payments on any resulting sales (6/29)
Corcept Therapeutics (CORT)Xceleron* (UK)Partnership for a human microdosing study of one of Corcept's new chemical entities, a selective GR-II antagonist, using Xceleron's Accelerator Mass Spectrometry technologyCorcept has identified three distinct series of GR-II antagonists for possible development, which appear to be as potent as Corlux in blocking cotrisol but which do not block the progesterone or other steroid receptors (7/25)
Crucell NV (the Netherlands; CRXL) and DSM Biologics(the Netherlands)Masterclone* (Russia)Nonexclusive PER.C6 research license agreementMasterclone will use the technology to develop an undisclosed antibody (7/10)
DSM Biologics* (the Netherlands)LFB Biotechnologies*(France)Nonexclusive research licensing agreement allowing LFB to use its technology to develop undisclosed antibodiesFinancial details were not disclosed (7/25)
Dyax Corp. (DYAX)Cambridge Antibody Technology (unit of AstraZeneca plc; UK)Licensing agreement for Dyax's antibody phage display libraries for the discovery of therapeutic antibodiesCAT will receive sublicenses to relevant third-party antibody phage display patents that may be used with Dyax's technology; the agreement allows CAT the ability to commercialize up to 20 royalty-bearing therapeutic antibody products (8/2)
Enceladus Pharmaceuticals BV* (the Netherlands)Clinquest Group* (the Netherlands)Investment and collaboration agreement under which Clinquest acquired a stake in Enceladus and led a syndicate of investors to provide additional fundingThe agreement will support ongoing clinical development of its anti-inflammatory drug, Nanocort, in rheumatoid arthritis (6/26)
EnWave Corp.

(Canada; CDNX:

Aridis Pharmaceuticals LLC*Agreement to determine the feasibility of EnWave's bioREV radiant energy vacuum technology to stabilize and dehydrate vaccines and antibodiesThe agreement expands the scope of work originally contemplated by a letter of intent between the companies in March to cover Aridis' formulations of antibodies, in addition to vaccines; companies will equally share project costs (7/11)
Evogene Ltd. (Israel; TASE:EVGN)SunGene GmbH* (Germany)Collaboration to develop next-generation enabling technologies for the precisebioengineering of cropsTerms were not disclosed (6/26)
Gene Network Sciences Inc.*CombinatoRx Inc. (CRXX)Agreement to contribute to ongoing mechanism of action research for synergistic combinations in developmentUnder the terms, the companies will use protein expression and transcriptional profiling data generated by CombinatoRx and the GNS REFSTM software platform to characterize unanticipated mechanisms underlying the interactions between the components of multitarget therapeuticcandidates (8/3)
Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)Abbott Laboratories (NYSE:ABT)Agreement to advance the Phase I compounds ABT-263 and ABT-869Under terms of the global, research, development and commercialization deal, the firms would co-promote in the U.S. with Abbott handling promotion outside the country (6/26)
Gilead Sciences Inc. (GILD)Parion Sciences Inc.*Licensing agreement for the preclinical epithelial sodium channel inhibitor P-680 Gilead will pay up to $156M for the drug, including a $5M license fee, a $5M equity purchase, research funding and potential milestone payments; Parion also would receive double-digit royalties; Gilead gets exclusive rights in the treatment of pul-monary diseases (8/16)
GNI Ltd.* (Japan)BioBase GmbH* (Germany)Technology and business alliance to further develop and market Cell Illustrator 3.0BioBase will develop an interface to connect Cell Illustrator to its biological database (7/11)**
ImaRx Therapeutics Inc.*Bracco Imaging SpA* (Italy)Cross-license agreement for Bracco to have nonexclusive rights to certain microbubble compositions for use solely in targeted diagnostic imaging applicationsImaRx got worldwide, royalty-free, non-exclusive rights to certain microbubble compositions for use solely in therapeutic applications (7/3)
ImmuneRegen BioSciences Inc.*Uluru Inc. (OTC BB:ULUR)Partnership to co-develop the combination of Uluru's hydrogel nanoparticle biomaterial and Immune- Regen's Homspera into a potential would-healing treatmentThe partnership will include an undeter-mined number of in vitro and in vivo studies on the potential wound-healing effects of Homspera (7/12)
Intellect Neurosciences Inc. (OTC BB:ILNS)Medical Research Council Technology* (UK)Agreement under which MRCT will humanize Intellect's beta-amyloid- specific monoclonal antibodies for the treatment of Alzheimer's diseaseMRCT is entitled to potential milestone and royalty payments in the deal (8/6)
Invitrogen Corp. (IVGN)Greiner Bio-One* (Germany)Licensing agreement to help improve the reliability of Greiner Bio-One's HPV-DNA test PapilloCheck and DNA- array CytoCheck productsThe deal covers rights for the use of dUTP in PCR-based methods to prevent sample contamination by amplification products in aerosols (6/25)
Kreatech Biotechnology BV* (the Netherlands)Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE:A)Licensing agreement for a labeling technology expected to optimize Agilent's array-based comparative genomic hybridization platform for DNA from formalin-fixed paraffin-embedded tissue samplesTerms of the deal were not disclosed (7/9)
MacroChem Corp. (OTC BB: MACM)Genaera Corp. (GENR)Exclusive option agreement for Genaera to acquire exclusive worldwide rights for drug uses of pexiganan for treating diabetic foot infectionGenaera previously conducted two Phase III trials but ran into trouble with an NDA filing; MacroChem paid $250,000 for 90-day rights to gain exclusive rights (7/10)
Neogenix Oncology Inc.*Goodwin Biotechnology Inc.*Agreement for process development and manufacturing of Neogenix's NPC-1C for pancreatic cancerFinancial terms were not disclosed (6/26)
Ophthotech*Archemix*Licensing agreement for worldwide rights to all ophthalmic uses of Archemix's aptamers, short oligonucleotides that form three-dimensional structures that bind with high specificity and affinity to protein and nonprotein targetsFurther terms were not disclosed (8/13)
Ophthotech*OSI Pharmaceuticals Inc. (OSIP)Agreement under which OSI is transferring to Ophthotech all rights to its anti-platelet derived growth factor aptamer program, including rights to its preclinical compound E10030The license is in exchange for an up-front cash payment, an equity interest in Ophthotech and potential future milestones and royalties (8/13)
Osiris Therapeutics Inc. (OSIR)Genzyme Corp. (GENZ)Partnership to develop treatments for acute radiation syndromeThe companies will focus initially on mesenchymal stem cell drug Prochymal; financial terms were not disclosed (7/26)
ProMetic BioSciences Inc. (Canada; TSX:PLI)Laboratorios Dermatologicas Darier SA* (Mexico)Agreement involving ProMetic's PBI-1308, a synthetic anti-inflammatory compound for dermatological disordersDarier will be responsible for development of the drug formulation and the clinical program necessary for regulatory approval; ProMetic will supply the active ingredient in bulk form; Darier holds an option to obtain exclusive rights for Mexico, Central America and South America, excluding Brazil, and would pay ProMetic royalties (7/16)
Pro-Pharmaceuticals Inc. (AMEX:PRW)Unnamed bio- pharmaceutical companyResearch agreement to enhance the efficacy and safety of a drug utilizing DavanatFinancial details were not disclosed (7/23)
Proteo Inc. (OTC BB:PTEO)Rhein Minapharm Biogenetics SAE (subisidary of Minapharm Pharmaceuticals SAE; Egypt)License agreement for clinical development, production and marketing of Elafin, a protein produced naturally in the skin, lung and breast to protect tissue from destruction by the immune systemRhein Minapharm will exclusively market Elafin in Egypt, Middle Eastern and African countries in exchange for an up-front payment, milestones and royalty on net sales (8/9)
Selexis SA* (Switzerland)Diosynth RTP Inc.*License renewal agreement allowing for Diasynth's continued access to the SURE technology platform, including the Selexis Genetic ElementsDiosynth will have the right to use SURE, as well as to receive the latest improvements developed by Selexis to enable faster generation of mammalian cell lines (8/2)
Selexis SA* (Switzerland)Ganymed Pharmaceuticals AG* (Germany)License agreement for use of Selexis technology for large-scale production of Ganymed's lead cancer antibodiesThe license allows Ganymed to use a cell line, developed by its scientists using the Selexis SURE Cell Line Development plat-form, for the clinical and commercial prod-uction of a number of products (7/11)
Sequenom Inc. (SQNM)SensiGen LLC*Collaboration to jointly market SensiGen's Atto- Sense diagnostic testsSensiGen's methodology uses Sequenom's QGE gene expression technology and MassARRAY system for the detection of certain diseases, including cervical cancer, chronic kidney disease, inflammatory bowel disease and lupus (6/27)
SkyePharma plc (UK; SKYE; LSE:SKP)Somnus Therapeutics Inc.*Exclusive agreement for the worldwide development and commercialization of the sleep therapeutic, SKP-1041Skyepharma will formulate and manufacture SKP-1041, and could receive up to $35M in milestone payments; Skyepharma also will receive an escalating royalty on sales (6/26)
Sloning BioTechnology GmbH* (Germany)bioMerieux (France; PARIS:BIM)Agreement to generate gene variants of an essential enzyme to be used in diagnostic applicationsSloning will use its Slonomics industrial- scale gene synthesis technology to provide a gene library with a full set of ratio-controlled mutants (8/13)
Spectrum Pharmaceuticals Inc. (SPPI)Indena SpA* (Italy)License agreement for the third-generation taxane known as ortataxel Spectrum took worldwide rights in ex-change for an undisclosed up-front pay-ment plus regulatory and sales milestones, as well as royalties (7/25)
Summit Corp. plc* (UK; formerly Vastox plc)Evolva Biotech SA* (Switzerland)Three-year agreement to develop drugs for infectious diseasesThe collaboration covers Summit's im-munomodulator drug candidate SMTI4400 and backup compounds from its imino sugar library; they will work to find com- pounds to fight viruses and bacteria, in- cluding anthrax and Ebola, as well as HIV and influenza; the companies will make an initial co-investment of $1M, and co-invest more than $10M over the next three years; Summit has rights to SMTI4400 in the areas of oncology and allergy (7/24)
Third Wave Technologies Inc. (TWTI)Laboratory Corp. of America Holdings (NYSE:LH)Pharmacogenetics collaboration to develop a companion diagnostic to help physicians personalize treatment for heart failure patientsIt is being developed with Third Wave's Invader chemistry and might be used in conjunction with the prescription of bucindolol (7/16)
Tikvah Therapeutics Inc.*Apkarian Technologies LLC*Exclusive licensing agreement for rights to patents and patent applications involving certain agonists of specific sites of the NMDA receptorThe rights provide Tikvah with claims en-compassing the chronic treatment of pain and pain-related indications with glycine receptor agonists as a monotherapy or in combination therapy with certain other agents (7/16)
Tripos Discovery Research Ltd. (OTC BB:TRPS)Elan Pharmaceuticals Inc. (division of Elan Corp. plc; Ireland; NYSE:ELN)Master service agreement to assist in analyzing and enhancing the diversity of its corporate small molecule screening programTDR agreed to provide its computational design expertise to perform an analysis on the Elan screening collection of small-molecule compounds to perform computational clustering of key subsets and determine optimal areas for expansion (8/9)
Upstream Biosciences Inc. (Canada; OTC BB:UPBS)Genpathway Inc.*Agreement to conduct analysis using iUpstream's chromatin immunoprecipitation assaysThe analysis should provide information for the next phase of Upstream's program to validate its first two cancer biomarkers and drug response assay (7/10)
ValiRx plc (UK; LSE:VAL)BIO.Be (Belgium)Agreement to form a joint venture to develop and commercialize products in the epigenomics sectorValiBIO SA is being created and will be located in Gosselies, Belgium; ValiRx will invest cash and equity in return for a 77% share of the equity of ValiBIO (7/19)
VaxGen Inc. (PK:VXGN)ImmuneRegen BioSciences Inc.*Material transfer agreementVaxGen will provide recombinant protective antigen, the active ingredient in its anthrax vaccine, for testing with Immune-Regen's adjuvant Viprovex (8/7)
ZoBio BV (the Netherlands)UCB SA (Belgium; FSE:UNC)Agreement for ZoBio to provide ligand discovery services in the field of fragment-based drug discoveryThe agreement provides for initial ligand screening of UCB discovery targets (7/12)

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