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VeriChip (Delray Beach, Florida), a provider of RFID systems for healthcare and patient-related needs, and Independent Dialysis Foundation (IDF), Maryland’s largest independent dialysis center operator, reported a partnership to provide the VeriMed Patient Identification System, which consists of the FDA-cleared implantable RFID microchip that links to patients’ medical history, to dialysis patients. The purpose of the partnership is to examine the use of the VeriMed implantable microchip in this patient population.

“VeriChip is deeply committed to supporting the dialysis community and helping to drive improved patient care,” said Scott Silverman, CEO/chairman of VeriChip. “Through our partnership with Independent Dialysis Foundation, dialysis patients can receive the VeriMed implantable microchip and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that their medical history will be available in an emergency – regardless of their ability to communicate. We believe patients receiving dialysis, who tend to present with various co-morbidities and medications, and are more frequently admitted to emergency departments, are an important audience to benefit from the VeriMed Patient Identification System.”

The partnership will provide IDF’s 500 patients and their families access to the VeriMed implantable microchip. At the end of one year, VeriMed will be assessed by patient acceptance rates, rate of complications, patient interviews, and utility of the VeriMed information accessed at various points of care.

IDF is a not-for-profit company affiliated with the University of Maryland (College Park) seeking to promote independence, self-care, and stability for dialysis patients.

In other agreements: Flagship Global Health (New York) said that it has expanded its existing domestic medical evacuation services by offering the worldwide services of Medex Global Group (Baltimore).

Flagship provides its members with a combination of high level clinical assessment, navigation assistance and advocacy through the complex world of healthcare and arranges for priority access to the world’s leading doctors. Flagship currently has a roster of 3,850 renowned physician specialists, most of whom are associated with the world’s leading medical centers of excellence, ready to help Flagship’s members. Flagship’s delivery model of excellent health care is quickly changing the dynamics of treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction.

“Medicine is a mission critical activity and has no country borders or cultural limitations. The evacuation of our members by medically equipped aircraft when they are hospitalized 100 miles or more away from home is an important part of our commitment to deliver exceptional medicine at the speed of need,” said Fred Nazem, CEO and founder of Flagship.

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