Report: more revenues for light microscopes

As the light microscopes market approaches maturity, the market for electron and scanning probe microscopes appears set to grow at a steady pace. Nanotechnology applications in bioscience and material science research will likely boost demand for microscopic imaging and analysis systems.

An analysis from Frost & Sullivan (Palo Alto, California), “World Microscopes Markets,” says that revenues in this market totaled $1.87 billion in 2006, and estimates this to reach $3.54 billion in 2013 due to demand from end-user industries such as biomedical research and material science research in nanotechnology applications.

Increased investment and research in the biomedical industry will likely heighten the need for more accurate and higher-resolution microscopes, according to the report. Apart from scientific research and nanotechnology, emerging opportunities in bioscience and genome research also drives the market for microscopes. In order to keep pace with changing end-user needs, vendors have also begun developing advanced microscopes with imaging software to track living cells in biomedical applications and genome research, the report says.