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SonoSite (Bothell, Washington), which focuses on hand-carried ultrasound, said it is filing a patent infringement lawsuit against General Electric (GE; Fairfield, Connecticut) and certain of its affiliates in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Wisconsin.

The complaint is filed as a counterclaim to the complaint GE and its affiliates filed against SonoSite on May 15 in the same court. In parallel, SonoSite is filing its answer to the complaint denying all of GE’s claims and alleging that the asserted patents are either invalid, not infringed, or both.

In its counterclaim complaint, SonoSite asserts that GE and its affiliated companies infringe SonoSite’s U.S. Patent Nos. 6,569,101, “Medical Diagnostic Instrument with ECG Module, Authorization Mechanism and Methods of Use,” and 5,817,024, “Handheld Ultrasonic Diagnostic Instrument with Digital Beamformer,” through their sales of ultrasound products, including GE’s compact ultrasound systems.

SonoSite’s patents cover various core ultrasound-related technologies. The complaint seeks unspecified monetary damages and a court injunction against future infringement by GE and its affiliates.

“After conducting a review, we believe that GE’s claims of patent infringement are without merit,” said Kevin Goodwin, SonoSite president/CEO. “Further, we believe that GE ‘s ultrasound systems, including its recently introduced compact products, are infringing SonoSite patents on key, fundamental ultrasound innovations. We intend to vigorously assert our rights.”

SonsoSite is represented by eight subsidiaries and a global distribution network in more than 90 countries and employs more than 550 people worldwide.