• Cybernet Medical (Ann Arbor, Michigan) reported that future telehealth products based on its patented MedStar technology will leverage its outpatient web-based electronic health record system in order to move away from proprietary outpatient medical data hub and presentation hardware appliances. The MedStar system is built around a web-based electronic patient record system that offers secure access to patients, their caregivers and designated clinical personnel. It offers a home care and outpatient management facility that includes support for two-way voice and video sessions, wound care management, structured patient question and answer capability, capture of patient physiological parameters, and device/personnel scheduling and business management. Cybernet makes telehealth technology for outpatient care.

The Molecular Profiling Institute (Phoenix) and Specialty Laboratories (Valencia) reported that they providing the CardioEvaluatR cardiovascular testing program for patients nationwide. The first phase of the CardioEvaluatR program involves the release of three proprietary testing panels that incorporate a high-density lipoprotein (HDL) sub-classification technology. HDL is an emerging marker in the identification of cardiovascular disease risk and treatment. Molecular Profiling is a CLIA-certified reference lab that applies the discoveries of the Human Genome Project to personalized medicine. Specialty Laboratories is a provider of clinical tests used to diagnose, monitor and treat disease and a single-source solution for esoteric testing needs.

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