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Edwards Lifesciences (Irvine, California), which focuses on the science of heart valves, reported that its subsidiary, Edwards Lifesciences PVT, has filed a patent infringement lawsuit against CoreValve (also Irvine) in the District Court of Dusseldorf, Germany. The suit seeks relief for alleged infringement of a patent for transcatheter heart valve technology.

"We are committed to protecting our valuable intellectual property as well as the interests of our clinician-inventors who partner with us to transform patient care for people with advanced cardiovascular disease," said Michael Mussallem, Edwards' CEO and chairman.

Edwards said it has "opened discussions" with CoreValve on a possible licensing arrangement.

The relevant patent, EP 0 592 410 B1, is co-owned by Dr. Henning Rud Andersen of Aarhus, Denmark, and his colleagues, who licensed it in 1993 to Heartport (Redwood City, California), now a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson (New Brunswick, New Jersey). Edwards has an exclusive sublicense to the Andersen patent for cardiovascular applications. The patent relates to a valve prosthesis for implantation by means of a catheter, and the product named in the suit is the CoreValve ReValving system.

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