• Clarity Medical Systems (Pleasanton, California) has introduced the RetCam Shuttle, a transportable version of the company's RetCam II for imaging infant's and children's eyes. The shuttle is one-fourth the size and weight of the full-size model, and fits into an SUV for transport between sites, if necessary. The shuttle also comes with a networking function that allows users to readily transfer images to their institution's network for electronic transmission or viewing at another location. RetCam technology enables high-resolution, digital imaging that is unavailable through any other method in the pediatric population. The RetCam is most commonly used to evaluate premature infants for a potentially blinding eye disease called retinopathy of prematurity. Clarity Medical Systems makes imaging and data-capture systems for the ophthalmology market.

• Hill-Rom (Batesville, Indiana) and the medical division of Tempur-Pedic North America (Lexington, Kentucky) reported that they plan to offer a new line of innovative bed surfaces for acute care institutions in North America. The two companies plan to debut a jointly branded line of premium, non-powered medical mattresses to the Hill-Rom acute care customer base. The co-branded Hill-Rom Tempur-Pedic line would feature sleeping surfaces made specifically for Hill-Rom's products such as the VersaCare, TotalCare and Affinity 4 beds, as well as CareAssist, stretchers and mattress replacement systems. Hill-Rom is the health care operating company of Hillenbrand Industries; Tempur-Pedic North America is a subsidiary of Tempur-Pedic International, a producer of comfort surfaces for consumers.

• Media Cybernetics (Silver Springs, Maryland) reported the release of the Infinity 1 digital camera kit for qualitative scientific imaging. The camera kit includes a high resolution CMOS color or monochrome microscopy camera which works with Image-Pro Plus and Image-Pro Express image processing software. The Infinity 1 progressive scan 1.3 megapixel image sensor results in crisp color quality for brightfield and darkfield microscopy applications including clinical pathology and cytology, life science and geology. Media Cybernetics makes image informatics solutions to automate research, development, and quality control processes in life science and industry.

• NeoMed Software (Los Angeles) reported that its advanced seizure tracking software, EpiTrax, is now available to the public. The downloadable application will give patients with epilepsy and their care givers the ability to track, analyze and report on every detail of their seizure activity, while offering their physicians additional information to help diagnose seizures and apply proper therapies. It includes more than 40 features to help individuals manage information about their seizure activity. NeoMed Software makes personal health monitoring solutions for people with incurable diseases.

• SonoSite (Bothell, Washington) reported a major advance in image resolution for the MicroMaxx system together with a series of enhancements to improve clinical workflow. The fifth major technology expansion to the MicroMaxx platform since the system began shipping in mid-2005, the new capabilities include SonoMB technology, a proprietary multi-beam imaging algorithm that dramatically improves image resolution. Also included are advances in fundamental and harmonic imaging for abdominal applications, automated image optimization, and credentialing worksheets for recording exams in emergency medicine. Existing customers can upgrade their MicroMaxx systems to the new capabilities via compact flash card at no charge. SonoSite makes hand-carried ultrasound devices.

• Tepha (Cambridge, Massachusetts) reported that the FDA has cleared its TephaFLEX absorbable suture product for marketing in the U.S. The suture is the first absorbable polymer suture made from material isolated from bacteria modified by recombinant DNA technology. This technology allows the company to engineer materials with a range of biological and mechanical properties for specific tissue repair and replacement applications. After the repair process, the biopolymers degrade in the body to natural metabolites in a biocompatible, cell-friendly manner. Tepha makes absorbable devices for therapeutic applications.

• Wright Medical Group (Arlington, Tennessee) reported the commercial launch of the Charlotte 7mm multi-use compression (MUC) screw system for foot and ankle surgery. The "head" on a traditional headed screw sits prominently above the surface of the bone which can irritate the soft tissues in the heel or ankle when the patient walks. This can lead to sustained discomfort for the patient, and may require secondary surgery to remove the screw. The 7mm MUC screw system was engineered to address the potential shortcomings of traditional screws by creating a head that resides completely within the bone, rather than above the bone surface. Wright Medical Group is an orthopedic device company.

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