A Diagnostics & Imaging Week

National Digital Medical Archive (NDMA; Berwyn, Pennsylvania) and Apollo PACS (Falls Church, Virginia) reported a collaboration on product integration initiatives that support the “seamless” delivery of pathology imaging. The initiatives will incorporate pathology images and related report information to an electronic patient record that can be accessed remotely.

Apollo PACS and NDMA will combine their products and systems to create a family of solutions designed to enable facilities to better manage, archive, share, process and view pathology images.

The NDMA develops a data management and communications infrastructure designed to enable on-demand access, visualization and distribution of diagnostic quality images and related clinical data. Apollo PACS is a provider of pathology PACS Solutions that enable end-to-end laboratory image process solutions to manage diagnostic workflow.

Eastman Kodak (Rochester, New York) reported a two-year agreement that makes it the exclusive supplier of dental X-ray films to SmileCare Family Dentistry, operating more than 60 multi-specialty dental centers in California and Nevada.

SmileCare practices will use Kodak Ultra-Speed Intraoral Dental Film and Kodak T-MAT G Extraoral Dental Film, both high-resolution films offering excellent image quality. SmileCare also will use Kodak’s family of Cook-Waite anesthetic products.