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Agbiotech Partner/Institution

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Terms/Details (Date)

Avant Immuno-therapeutics Inc. (AVAN)

Pfizer Inc.

They extended deal to develop animal vaccines based on Avant technologies

Pfizer is funding the program to develop prophylactic and therapeutic vaccines to protect livestock and companion animals from respiratory and enteric diseases; terms of the deal were not disclosed (10/4)

Avidis SA* (France)

Novartis Animal Health (Switzerland)

Novartis will evaluate Avidis' aXent technology in the area of animal vaccines

The technology, which allows immunization without additives, will be studied for a bovine viral infection; a license agreement could follow (2/13)

Avidis SA* (France)

Merial Ltd. (joint venture of Merck & Co. Inc. and Sanofi-Aventis)

Merial got rights to use Avidis' aXent technology to develop recombinant veterinary vaccines

aXent is an adjuvant-free immunization technology; the agreement covers the use of aXent for two infectious diseases (11/30/05)

Benchmark BioLabs Inc.*

Amarillo Biosciences Inc. (OTC BB:AMAR)

Amarillo is funding a study of influenza in chickens

They are testing an oral interferon alpha agent against chicken influenza; terms of the deal were not disclosed (7/7)

BioDiem Ltd.* (Australia)

Australian Industry Department

BioDiem was awarded an A$2M ($1.5M) grant for research on its antimicrobial compound BDM-1

The AusIndustry Commercial Ready grant will support testing of the product as a potential replacement for antibiotics in the poultry industry (12/21/05)

Bioject Medical Technologies Inc. (BJCT)

Merial Ltd. (joint venture of Merck & Co. Inc. and Sanofi-Aventis)

They entered a development and supply agreement covering Bioject's Vitajet 3 needle-free device

The deal covers delivery of a Merial vaccine with a modified Vitajet 3 for use in the companion animal market; terms of the deal were not disclosed (6/1)

Cellectis SA* (France)

Bayer BioScience NV (Belgium)

Bayer gained access to Cellectis' Meganuclease technology for use in R&D of products for agriculture

Meganucleases are molecules that target a highly specific break in an entire genome; terms and further details of the deal were not disclosed (6/30)

Cellectis SA* (France)

BASF Plant Science GmbH (Germany)

BASF licensed rights to use Cellectis' Meganculease Recombination System

BASF will use the technology for gene targeting in plants for agricultural and nutritional applications; terms were not disclosed (1/3)

Ceres Inc.*

The Samuel Roberts Noble Foundation Inc.

Collaboration to develop and commercialize advanced biomass crops for fuel ethanol production

Ceres gets an exclusive license to switch-grass germplasm and varieties developed and in-licensed by breeders at the foundation (6/7)

Cresset BioMolecular Discovery Ltd.* (UK)

Bayer CropScience (Germany)

Collaboration to use Cresset's molecular field technology for the discovery of new agrochemicals

Bayer will apply the FieldScreen software to identify active compounds for development; terms of the deal were not disclosed (1/10)

Crucell NV (the Netherlands; CRXL)

Merial Ltd. (joint venture of Merck & Co. Inc. and Sanofi Aventis)

Nonexclusive deal allows Merial to use the PER.C6 cell line for developing a gene therapy in a specific field of companion animal medicine

The deal, which is the second between the companies, includes an option for a commercial license agreement; terms were not disclosed (12/22/05)

CytoGenix Inc. (OTC BB: CYGX)

USDA Agricultural Research Service

They entered a formal Cooperative Research and Development Agreement covering vaccine development

The deal covers development of synDNA vaccines against existing and emerging strains of the bacteria that causes brucellosis, which affects livestock and other animals (5/8)

Devgen NV (Belgium; Euronext:DEVG)

Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc. (subsidiary of DuPont)

They extended collaboration to develop superior crop varieties with innate resistance to plant pests

The primary focus is on the control of nematode infestation in soybeans; Devgen gets research payments, and is eligible to receive milestone and royalty payments (5/18)

Devgen NV (Belgium; Euronext:DEVG)

Flanders government

Devgen was awarded a €3.3M grant to develop technologies to protect crops against plant pests

The goal of the three-year program is to build on Devgen's RNAi and protein-based technologies and to address plant pathogens that cannot be dealt with using current GMO technologies (1/31)

Embrex Inc. (EMBX)

Pfizer Animal Health (division of Pfizer Inc.)

Pfizer offered $155 in cash to acquire Embrex

Embrex is developing poultry vaccines and vaccine technology; the deal was expected to close in the first quarter of 2007 (11/15)

Evogene Ltd.* (Israel)

Biogemma SAS* (France)

Deal to jointly develop commercial corn lines with improved tolerance to drought

Genomics approaches from Biogemma will be used with gene candidates from Evogene in the effort; terms were not disclosed (7/25)

454 Life Sciences Corp. (majority owned by Curagen Corp.; CRGN)

Keygene NV (the Netherlands)

Keygene purchased 454's Genome Sequencer 20 system, which is distributed by Roche Applied Science

The systems will be used in the genotyping of plants; the companies also entered a collaboration to develop other applications in the field of plant genetics; terms of the deal were not disclosed (1/12)

454 Life Sciences Corp. (majority owned by CuraGen Corp.; CRGN)

National Center for Genome Resources

454 was selected to sequence the major pathogen of vegetable crops, Phytophthora capsici

454 and the NCGR will work with the Joint Genome Institute of the Department of Energy, Ohio State University and the University of Tennessee in the collaboration (12/14/05)

Genesis Bioventures Inc. (OTC BB:GBIW)

Bio Business Development Co. (Canada)

Bio Business got rights to commercialize the Rapid Prion Detection Assays in 18 countries of the Pacific Rim

Terms of the deal were not disclosed (6/16)

GeneThera Inc. (OTC BB: GTHA)

Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell'Emilia Romagna (Italy)

Research collaboration related to the diagnosis of animal transmittable diseases, such as mad cow disease and scrapie

IZSLER will provide GeneThera with laboratory facilities and data from postmortem brain samples; terms of the deal were not disclosed (6/14)

GenVec Inc. (GNVC)

U.S. Department of Agriculture-Agricultural Research Service

GenVec got funding for development of vaccines to prevent the spread of foot-and-mouth disease

The $1.7M in funding will support work in 2006 as part of a multiyear research collaboration (3/1)

Imugene Ltd. (Australia; ASX:IMU)

Australian government

Imugene is getting an A$0.88M ($0.68M) Commercial Ready Grant

The two-year matching grant will help fund development of vaccines for protecting chickens against the H5N1 avian influenza virus (11/8)

Inscent Inc.*

U.S. National Science Foundation

Inscent was awarded a Small Business Innovation Research grant

Funds will support development of techlogies based on insect chemosensory proteins, which may have applicability in insect control and biosensors (9/11)

Lipid Sciences Inc. (LIPD)

Elanco Animal Health (division of Eli Lilly and Co.)

Collaboration to research and develop immunological products for animal health applications

The initial focus is a vaccine directed against specific lipid-enveloped organisms; Elanco will pay all R&D expenses; Lipid Sciences is eligible to receive technology access fees, milestone payments and royalties on resulting sales (11/8)

Maize Technologies International GmbH* (Austria)

Dow AgroSciences LLC

Dow obtained exclusive rights to the U.S. corn product development pipeline of MTI

MTI in turn gained access to Herculex Insect Protection traits from Dow; terms of the agreement were not disclosed (4/25)

Mendel Biotechnology Inc.*

Monsanto Co.

The companies expanded ongoing collaboration and extended the agreement through 2011

The deal focused on research in plant gene expression to enhance yields began in 1997; Mendel is entitled to milestone and royalty payments on resulting products (7/10)

Perlegen Sciences Inc.*

International Rice Research Institute (the Philippines)

Collaboration to identify DNA variation in 15 rice strains

Perlegen will use its high-throughput oligonucleotide array approach enabled by Affymetrix Inc. GeneChip technology in the effort; terms were not disclosed (11/16/05)#

SemBioSys Genetics Inc. (Canada; TSX:SBS)

Syngenta Crop Protection AG (Switzerland)

SemBioSys acquired technology related to the manufacture of biopharmaceuticals in safflower

SemBioSys issued five-year warrants that allow Syngenta to purchase 550,000 common shares at C$13.21 per share (6/13)

Senesco Technologies Inc. (AMEX:SNT)

ArborGen LLC

ArborGen exercised its option to license Senesco technology, following positive results from the first year of field trials

The collaboration focuses on developing trees with greater biomass and shorter time to harvest; terms of the deal were not disclosed (6/28)

Sequenom Inc. (SQNM)

GeneSeek Inc.*

GeneSeek purchased Sequenom's MassARRAY genetic analysis system

GeneSeek will use the system for animal diagnostic testing, traceability and contract research and development (12/19/05)

Xethanol Corp. (AMEX:XNL)

UTEK Corp.

The companies renewed their strategic alliance focused on biofuels production

UTEK focuses on technology transfer; Xethanol continues to gain access to technology from research institutions (7/24)


This chart contains information on new and revised corporate agreements, as well as other actions, involving agricultural or animal biotechnology.

* Private companies are indicated with an asterisk.

# Item occurred before the time frame of this chart but was not included in the previous chart.

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