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(Country; Symbol)

Change from
original agreement

Terms/Details (Date)

Aclara BioSciences Inc. (ACLA)

Genentech Inc. (NYSE:DNA)

Expanded eTag assay collaboration

Genentech will make milestone payments as part of the expansion to study genes, proteins and cell-based antigens using the eTag Assay System (4/30)

Aldevron LLC*

Prometic Life Sciences Inc. (Canada; TSE:PLI)

Expanded collaboration to develop and market a new technology for the purification of gene therapy and DNA vaccine products

Financial terms were not disclosed (5/1)

Arius Research
(Canada; VSE:YAR)

Protein Design Labs Inc. (PDLI)

Expanded collaboration for research of anticancer antibodies

Arius will be paid an up-front technology access fee for research and generation of the antibodies; PDL will continue preclinical development and will have the option to license a number of the antibodies for clinical development; Arius will receive licensing fees, milestone payments and royalties (6/17)

Genaissance Pharmaceuticals Inc. (GNSC)

Prometheus Laboratories Inc.*

Expanded agreement under which Prometheus licensed rights from Genaissance to a thiopurine S-methyl-transfease diagnostic test

The agreement now includes a broader field of use; Genaissance received an up-front license fee from Prometheus and would receive royalties on sales (5/16)

Neurotech SA* (France)

NsGene A/S* (Denmark)

Expanded license agreement that grants NsGene a worldwide exclusive license to encapsulated cell technology for the nervous system

The agreement replaces prior agreements between the parties, simplifies the division of fields and eliminates the cross-royalty obligations (5/9)


Geron Corp. (GERN)

Expanded licensing agreement covering the manufacture of phosphoramidate and thiophosphoramidate oligonucleotides

Transgenomic gains rights to the patent estate acquired by Geron in 2002 to manufacture phosphoramidate-based oligonucleotides, as well as chemical building blocks required for their synthesis, for use in diagnostic and therapeutic applications; Geron will receive royalties (6/4)

Valentis Inc.

DSM Biologics* (the Netherlands)

Revised agreement regarding the financial terms of the agreement licensing Valentis' plasmid DNA manufacturing technology

The deal was modified to add a royalty to Valentis, in addition to a previous profit-sharing arrangement, and also eliminated about $1.1M of Valentis' accrued liabilities and included a net payment of about $600,000 to Valentis (6/16)


Millennium Pharmaceuticals Inc. (MLNM)

Amended agreement concerning the financing arrangement as part of a collaboration on MLN01 and CAB-2 for certain vascular inflammation indications

Millennium committed to purchase up to $50M worth of common shares over a three-year period; now, an extension of the maturity date of the $5M outstanding convertible loan from May to February 2004 has been added; also, XOMA's decision on whether to sell the remaining $37.5M worth of common shares from three option dates over the next 12 months was rescheduled to six option dates over the next 21 months (5/21)

Zentaris (subsidiary of AEterna Laboratories Inc.; Canada; AELA; TSE:AEL)

Serono SA (Switzerland; NYSE:SRA)

Expanded license agreement related to Cetrotide for worldwide marketing rights, except Japan

Zentaris will receive a signature fee and fixed annual payments until 2010, followed by royalties; Zentaris will supply Serono with the finished product at a fixed price; Serono received a perpetual fully paid license upon expiry of the last relevant patent held by Zentaris (6/18)


ICOS Corp.

Biogen Inc. (BGEN)

Terminated agreement in which ICOS regained full rights to a leukocyte function-associated antigen-1antagonist studied in psoriasis

The rights were returned following disappointing results in a Phase IIa trial (6/6)


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