Company** Product Description Indication Status/Date
Avax Tech- O-Vax Therapeutic vaccine; Advanced ovarian Completed Phase I/II
nologies Inc. tumor cells removed cancer (stage III) pilot study (8/24)
from patient, modified
with hapten (DNP, di-
nitrophenyl), then
injected back into
patient (along with
Idec Pharma- Rituxan Rituximab; genetically Relapsed or refractory Study results on project-
ceuticals Corp. (FDA- engineered chimeric low-grade or follicular ed median time to dis-
and Genentech approved) pan-B monoclonal anti- non-Hodgkin's ease progression pub-
Inc. body that targets CD20 lymphoma lished in 8/98 issue of
antigen on B-cell surface Journal of Clinical On-
cology (8/17)
Ilex Oncology Inc. Campath-1H Humanized monoclonal Chronic lymphocytic Completed patient en-
and LeukoSite Inc. antibody that specific- leukemia in patients rollment in internation-
ally targets and binds to who have failed con- al pivotal trial (8/12)
CD52 cell surface anti- ventional therapies
gen on lymphocytes
Imutec Virulizin Biological response Advanced-stage pancre- Announced results of
Pharma Inc. modifier extracted from atic cancer in patients Phase I/II trial (8/26)
(TSE:IMT; Canada) bovine reticuloendo- who have failed prior
thelium; activates therapies
IntraBiotics IB-367 Synthetic analogue of Oral mucositis in cancer Announced results of
Pharmaceuticals protegrin family of patients receiving myelo- Phase I trial (8/27)
Inc.* and Pharma- mammalian antimicro- ablative chemotherapy
cia & Upjohn bial peptides
Techniclone Corp. TNT Tumor necrosis therapy; Malignant glioma Announced interim
chimeric monoclonal (interstitial delivery) results from dosimetry
antibody that targets portion of Phase I trial
DNA-associated histone (8/28)
antigens, labeled with
I-131 (targets necrotic
center of tumor)
Amgen Inc. MGDF Recombinant human To improve yield and Discontinued trials after
megakaryocyte growth efficiency of platelet some patients developed
and development collections from blood thrombocytopenia and
factor donors neutralizing antibodies
Centocor Inc. ReoPro Chimeric monoclonal Use with stents in Results of 6-month fol-
and Eli Lilly & Co. (FDA- antibody fragment to patients undergoing low up of EPISTENT trial
(NYSE:LLY) approved) GPIIb/IIIa platelet coronary intervention reported at 20th Con-
receptor (abciximab) gress of the European
Society of Cardiology in
Vienna, Austria (8/22)
Cor Therapeutics Integrilin Eptifibatide; small Adjunct to broad spec- Results of international
Inc. and Schering- (FDA- molecule synthetic com- trum of patient man- PURSUIT trial published
Plough Corp. approved) pound (derived from agement strategies to in 8/13/98 issue of The
(NYSE:SGP) rattlesnake venom) that reduce death, heart New England Journal of
inhibits GPIIb/IIIa attack and other com- Medicine (8/12)
receptor that mediates plications in acute coro-
platelet aggregation nary syndromes
Hemosol Inc. Hemolink Highly purified hemo- Blood substitute in FDA cleared protocol for
(TSE:HML; Canada) globin extracted from patients undergoing Phase II trials (8/24)
outdated human donor coronary artery bypass
blood, then cross-linked graft surgery
to form stable hemo-
globin molecule
Northfield Labor- PolyHeme Chemically modified Blood substitute; direct FDA asked company to
atories Inc. hemoglobin derived replacement of blood in expand to at least 600
from outdated donor elective surgery the number of patients
blood in Phase III trials (based
on public concerns over
failures of competing
products in late-stage
trials) (8/12)
Northfield Labor- PolyHeme Chemically modified Blood substitute; direct FDA cleared protocol to
atories Inc. hemoglobin derived replacement of blood in infuse up to 20 units of
from outdated donor large volumes (20 units) product in Phase II trials
blood in trauma patients (8/12)
Interneuron Pagoclone Compound that poten- Treatment of patients Announced results of
Pharmaceuticals tiates action of the with panic disorder Phase II/III trial (8/17)
Inc. neurotransmitter gamma
amino butyric acid
(partial agonist)
Neurogen Corp. NGD 91-2 Small molecule drug Situational anxiety Pfizer initiated Phase Ib
and Pfizer Inc. that acts on specific trial (8/19)
(NYSE:PFE) receptor subtypes of the
neurotransmitter gamma
amino butyric acid
Titan Pharma- Iloperidone Small molecule drug Schizophrenia Novartis initiated
ceuticals Inc. and that blocks serotonin international Phase III
Novartis AG and dopamine trial (8/18)
Aviron FluMist Nasal spray formu- Prevention of influ- Announced preliminary
lation of influenza enza infection in analysis of data from 2nd
vaccine; attenuated, children year of 2-year study
cold-adapted live (1997-1998 flu season)
virus vaccine (8/3)
Aviron FluMist Nasal spray formu- Prevention of influ- Initiated 3-year clinical
lation of influenza enza infection in trial to assess commu-
vaccine; attenuated, pre-school and school- nity wide vaccination in
cold-adapted live age children children; non-random-
virus vaccine ized, open-label trial to
be conducted by Baylor
College of Medicine and
others (8/6)
Virus Research Rotavirus Oral vaccine consisting Prevention of rotavirus Announced results of
Institute Inc. and vaccine of live, weakened rota- disease (gastroenteritis) Phase II trial (8/13)
SmithKline Beech- virus in infants
am Biologicals
(Belgium; unit of
am plc; NYSE:
SBH; U.K.)
Cellegy Pharma- Glylorin Monolaurin Ichthyosis vulgaris Announced results of
ceuticals Inc. and (severe dry skin Phase II trial (8/13)
Glaxo Wellcome disorder)
plc (NYSE:GLX; U.K.)
Hemispherx Bio- Ampligen Double-stranded syn- Chronic fatigue Initiated Phase III con-
Pharma Inc. thetic RNA compound syndrome/myalgic firmatory trial (8/3)
(AMEX:HEB) poly I:poly C12U encephalomyelitis
Human Genome KGF-2 Keratinocyte growth Various wound- Completed Phase I trial
Sciences Inc. factor-2 (genomics- healing applications (8/25)
derived; member of (topical)
fibroblast growth
factor family)
The Immune IR 501 Therapeutic vaccine; Rheumatoid arthritis Initiated open-label,
Response Corp. combination of 3 T-cell long-term follow-up trial
receptor peptides plus (8/18)
adjuvant; intramuscular
NeXstar Pharma- NX 1838 Small molecule inhib- Age-related macular FDA cleared protocol for
ceuticals Inc. itor of vascular endo- degeneration Phase I trial (8/27)
thelial growth factor,
developed via NeXstar's
SELEX combinatorial
chemistry process
Novavax Inc. Androsorb Topical cream formu- Testosterone defic- Initiated 2nd phase of
lation containing nano- iency in men pharmacokinetic study
some encapsulated (8/17)
Novavax Inc. Estrasorb Topical cream formu- Symptomatic meno- Completed subject dos-
lation containing nano- pausal women ing in pharmacokinetic
some-encapsulated study (8/13)
17 beta estradiol
Ortec Inter- Composite Bioengineered bovine Donor site wounds Initiated patient enrol-
national Inc. Cultured Skin collagen matrix seeded lment in pilot trial (8/5)
with epidermal and
dermal cells (biologi-
cally active wound
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