Matrix Pharmaceutical Inc., of Menlo Park, Calif., said results of itsPhase II trials of AccuSite Injectable Gel for basal cell cancer showedthe drug eliminated the skin disease in 91 percent of the patientsparticipating in the study.The trials, conducted at 16 medical centers throughout the U.S.,involved 116 patients who were treated with six different dosingregimens.Andrew Korey, Matrix's vice president of medical and regulatoryaffairs, said the Menlo Park, Calif.-based company expects to beginPhase III trials by the end of the year at sites in New Zealand, Canada,Europe and the U.S. The dosage regimen selected for the studies willinvolve three intralesional treatments per week for two weeks.In the Phase II trials, cancerous areas were surgically excised andsubjected to histopathologic examination three months after treatmentwith the gel.Korey said 100 percent of the patients receiving the dosage regimenselected for the Phase III trials experienced complete elimination of thecancer. At four other dose regimens, the complete response rate amongthe patients was 90 percent or greater.Last year, Matrix formed an alliance with London-based Medeva plc todevelop and market it's AccuSite products. _ Charles Craig

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