Zynaxis Inc. and Triplex Pharmaceutical Corp. said Monday theysigned a research and licensing agreement to develop Zynaxis' drug-delivery molecules conjugated with certain Triplex oligonucleotides.Zynaxis' drug-delivery molecules, called Zyn-Linkers, are syntheticlipid-like molecules that are chemically designed to insert into cellmembranes in order to concentrate drugs directly at the disease site.Triplex, of The Woodlands, Texas, will offer compounds _ triplex-forming oligonucleotides _ designed to bind to the DNA of genesproducing disease-associated proteins, blocking the transcription ofDNA into the messenger RNA needed to serve as a template for thoseproteins.Zynaxis, of Malvern, Pa., will do the conjugation chemistry, andconnect its Zyn-Linkers with one or more of Triplex'soligonucleotides, William McIntosh, senior vice president, businessdevelopment and commercial operations, told BioWorld. Then each ofthe companies will take samples of the resulting compound, and try toassess the utility of those conjugates, he said."If the results are positive we would enter into negotiations with regardto the licensing of our technology to them," McIntosh said. If theresults are positive, Zynaxis also would look to use its Zyn-Linkers fora range of compounds in the oligonucleotide/antisense areas, he said._ Jim Shrine

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