Actisite periodontal fiber has been cleared for marketing in the U.S.,according to Alza Corp. and Procter and Gamble, partners in themarketing of the product to treat periodontal disease. Alza of Palo Alto,Calif., manufactures Actisite.Alza said Actisite is the only sustained-release, site-specific drugtherapy cleared for marketing in the U.S. The product consists of acopolymer fiber containing a low dose of the antibiotic tetracyclinehydrochloride. It has been awaiting FDA approval since 1988.The companies expect Actisite to make its U.S. market debut in dentaloffices in several months, Alza said, adding that the cost to dentists willbe $200 per carton of 10 fibers, which include adhesive andapplication.The product has already received market approval in a number ofEuropean countries.

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