Biosys announced this week that it has launched fleabioinsecticides for consumer and commercial use.

The Palo Alto, Calif., company (NASDAQ:BIOS) is using beneficialnematodes, microscopic worm-like organisms that live in thesoil and control many insects, in the flea products, which areintended for outdoor use as an adjunct to removing fleas frominside a home and on the animal.

"The nematode technology has been successfully field-tested onfleas by key university researchers," said Ramon Georgis, vicepresident of field development. "Our beneficial nematodeproducts have provided outdoor flea control equal to or greaterthan the chemical standards."

The products "provide an effective natural option for fleacontrol that won't harm children or pets," said Venkat Sohoni,president and chief executive officer.

The products will be called Vector Biological Insecticide (forprofessional pest control), which employs Biosys' newlypatented flowable technology, and BioFlea (for consumers).

BioFlea is available through a toll-free number and will bedistributed to selected pet stores, while Vector is availablethrough professional pest-control companies. -- Nancy Garcia

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