Lidak Pharmaceuticals of La Jolla, Calif., has received a U.S.patent for therapeutic use of its proprietary chemical Lidakoland several related chemicals.

U.S. patent No. 5,194,451 covers internal administration ofthese compounds, which bind lipids and may be usedsystemically in inflammatory diseases such as arthritis; insystemic viral and fungal infections and as a potential anti-cancer agent.

"We are working to prove that these chemicals migrate into thefat layer components of cell membranes in a way that isharmless to normal cells," said David Katz, chief executiveofficer and inventor on the patent.

"Our hypothesis is that during this migration period, which istemporary, the drug makes cells resistant to infection bycertain lipid-containing viruses such as herpes, some leukemiaviruses and perhaps influenza and cytomegalovirus," said Katz."The same process could also block the activities of cellsresponsible for major inflammatory reactions."

The company received patent coverage previously for usingthese drugs as topical treatments. Clinical trials of topicalLidakol in oral and genital herpes are under way in the U.S.and Europe.

Lidak (NASDAQ:LDAKA) expects to investigate toxicology of thedrug for systemic use, said Michael Lorber, chief financialofficer.

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