Cytogen Corp. on Wednesday said it has concluded a co-promotion agreement with Knoll Pharmaceuticals for U.S.promotion of two cancer diagnostic imaging agents: OncoScintCR103 for colorectal cancer and OncoScint OV103 for ovariancancer.

In addition to sharing revenue and certain marketing expenses,Cytogen said it will receive an undisclosed up-front payment,milestone payments upon Food and Drug Administrationapproval of the two products, and funds for clinicaldevelopment.

OncoScint CR103 was submitted for FDA approval more thantwo years ago, and OncoScint OV103 was submitted to theagency in March 1990. Cytogen (NASDAQ:CYTO) said it expectsfinal approvals early next year.

Sales representatives from Knoll Pharmaceuticals of Whippany,N.J., will join Cytogen's specialty sales force in selling the agentsto surgeons, oncologists and nuclear medicine physicians.

Knoll, which is owned by BASF AG of Germany, and itssubsidiary, Knoll AG, also will work with the Princeton, N.J.,company on development of a follow-on colorectal cancerimaging agent, OncoScint CR372.

The products consist of a monoclonal antibody with a linker;hospitals add an imaging isotope and administer the product onan outpatient basis. Patients return to the hospital in 24 to 48hours for a full-body gamma camera scan. Although pricing hasnot been determined, cost of the procedure will be equivalentto a CT scan, said Cytogen spokeswoman Colleen Cottrell.

The annual U.S. markets for colorectal cancer and ovarianimaging are $200 million and $25 million, respectively, Cottrellsaid. There are no approved imaging products for either cancer,she said.

Cytogen stock gained 75 cents to close at $15 on Wednesday.

-- Steve Usdin BioWorld Washington Bureau

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