The Patent and Trademark Office has informed ProCyte Corp.that the company will receive a patent on Oct. 22 for peptidecompounds that promote bone healing, the company announcedon Monday.

The composition of matter and use patent covers any peptide-based analogs for bone healing with tripeptide chains of theamino acids glycyl, histidyl and lycine, or any derivatives ofthese tripeptides. The compounds promote granulation tissueformation and accelerate new bone formation, according toLeonard Patt, research manager at the Kirkland, Wash.,company.

Osteamin, a lead compound in preclinical trials to promotehealing of bone and other hard tissue in fractures, implants orsurgical alterations, is covered by the patent.

ProCyte (NASD:PRCY) has received patents for several relatedcompounds. The patents cover topical wound healing, gastriculcer healing and gastric ulcer prevention. Three of thecompounds are in clinical trials.

ProCyte estimates 1988 sales for bone-related therapeutics at$10 billion worldwide. Other companies with bone-healingdrugs under development include Rhone-Poulenc Rorer,Biogrowth Inc., Creative Biomolecules Inc. and GeneticsInstitute Inc.

ProCyte has also received notice that its first hair-growthpatent will issue in Australia at the end of the month.

ProCyte stock closed Monday at $7.50, up 75 cents.

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