ImmunoGen Inc., has begun a Phase II clinical trial of OncolysinB to treat multiple myeloma, a fatal form of bone marrowcancer, at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston.

ImmunoGen of Cambridge, Mass., estimates that 12,300 newcases of multiple myeloma will occur in the United States in1991.

Oncolysin B links the monoclonal antibody Anti-B4 withblocked ricin, a plant toxin. The B4 antigen is expressed onstem cells, the precursors of blood cells, within the malignantmyeloma population. The company's blocking technologyprevents the indiscriminate binding of ricin to all cells whilemaintaining the toxicity of whole ricin.

Oncolysin B is in multicenter Phase II trials to treat B-cellleukemias and lymphoma.

ImmunoGen stock (NASDAQ:IMGN) closed up 50 cents at $16 onMonday.

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