Although Australia generally prohibits the advertising of prescription drugs and vaccines, it is allowing vaccine providers to use government-produced materials to promote COVID-19 vaccines, according to a fact sheet the Therapeutic Goods Administration released Feb. 22.  Providers also may advertise factual information, such as times and location, to help the public obtain the vaccine. The promotion is being allowed to support the rollout of the vaccines across the country, the TGA said. The fact sheet explains how providers and other parties may legally advertise the COVID-19 vaccine without risking penalties.

The Russian Federation Minister of Health for the first time has approved a list of people certified as authorized persons of manufacturers of medicines for use by member states of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU). The appointment of an authorized person in a biopharma company increases the manufacturer's responsibility for product quality and guarantees that each drug is produced, stored and sold in accordance with established regulatory requirements, according to the office. The approval is considered an important step in implementing regulatory principles in the EAEU to ensure that medicines comply with quality standards.